Relationship-building Activities for Healthy Marriages

You may come across couples who lead happy lives and so, you come to the conclusion that these are healthy marriages. But you may not know that these couples may be taking some regular steps to nurture the relationship. These are simple steps and can be taken by anyone. If you adopt them, you can also lead a happy life with your partner. Let us have a look.

Find out what the common interests are

It is true that every individual has his or her own interests. But at the same time, they should not ridicule or find fault with the interests of others. Sometimes, there may be clashes of interests also. In healthy marriages, couples develop the habit of giving preference to the interests of their partners. In addition to that, they find out what their common interests are. If you find out those activities in which both you and your partner can derive immense enjoyment, both of you can focus on those activities to reinforce the relationship.

Touching, hugging and kissing

Relationship experts say that touching, hugging and kissing may release the tension of the mind. They suggest that married couples should hug and kiss their partners at least three times daily. They have found out when couples kiss, a hormone called oxytocin is released and this brings the couples closer. Similarly, during the process of kissing, whatever stress the couples have gets reduced because stress-causing hormones vanish. Even blood pressure levels get even due to kissing. So, couples can hug, kiss and touch each other as many times as possible for having healthy marriages.

Health-building activities and healthy marriages

Couples can indulge in health building activities together. They can give suggestions to each other or help in monitoring and regulating these activities. They can help each other in setting goals and achieving them. They should motivate each other by suitable and mutual rewarding when goals are met. This also brings them closer.

The focus should be on the positives

No one can be perfect. Though we have to strive towards achieving that level, it is impossible to be good to every one. So, your partner may notice certain shortcomings in you and likewise, you may also have a long list of the negative points your partner has. But instead of focusing on those negative points, you and your partner should learn to focus only on the positive attributes of the other. This will increase happiness. In fact, this is the secret behind healthy marriages.

Retiring for bed together

Researchers have found that couples who retire for bed together have healthy marriages. The “sweet pillow talks” they have may reinforce their relationship. They may be able to discuss a number of things and this may increase the intimacy and love they have for each other.

Greeting each other

You and your spouse should greet and compliment each other as frequently as possible. But there should be sincerity in these gestures. Especially, when there is a difference or a conflict, such greetings may go a long way in removing the tension and normalizing the situation.

Avoiding playing the blame game

Couples should never commit the mistake of playing the blame game. It is human tendency to blame others for the mistakes we commit. It is impossible to have healthy marriages if couples play the blame game. In fact, those couples who keep raising their tolerance levels are successful in leading happy lives.

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