Self Esteem and Self Confidence Essential for Success

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very important for achieving success in our endeavors. In fact, self-confidence consists not only of self-esteem but self-efficacy as well. These points should be borne in mind for developing self-confidence.

Preparing for the Journey

Before you prepare yourself suitably for undertaking the journey towards achieving self-esteem and self- confidence, you should understand that everyone likes self-confident people. You should also understand that no one will back your projects if you lack in self confidence. You may fumble, may be nervous and may be excessively apologetic if you lack in confidence. On the contrary, if you answer the questions of people with your head high and with confidence, you may be backed by everyone.

How to assess your self-confidence levels

If you do what you believe is right whatever may be the reactions of others, you are self-confident but if you do not take action due to fear of others’ criticisms, you lack in self-confidence.

If you do not hesitate to take risks or if you are ready to travel the extra distance for completing the endeavors you have undertaken, your confidence levels are high. You will be ready to admit mistakes, if any, you may commit also. In fact, you may learn your lessons from your mistakes. But if you lack in confidence, you may look for your comfort zone and stay in the zone due to the fear of failure. You may also take steps for covering up your mistakes. From these things, it is quite evident that those who lack in self-confidence have a lot of negativity in them. If you are confident, you believe in yourself and may try to live your life to the fullest.

Are you mastering the skills required for your success

If you are confident, you may have realized that if you work hard, you can succeed. Once you know this, you may readily and willingly learn the skills required for your work. Once you master these skills, you may be ready to accept even difficult challenges. Even if you face road-blocks, you may overcome them with your persistence.

Know where self-confidence and self-esteem overlap

Self-esteem is more of a general concept and in this concept, you know that you can easily cope up with the happenings in your life. This knowledge may be due to your awareness that others approve of you because of your competence or your virtuousness.

Self-confidence and positive thinking

That self-confidence can be enhanced with positive thinking and self-suggestions is very much true. You can improve your self-confidence also by achieving the goals you have set. But you cannot achieve ;your goals without competence. This means that you cannot have self-confidence without competence.

Other simpler ways to built self-confidence

You should first know your current situation and you should also decide where you wish to reach. You should make a commitment to reach this goal. Reminding yourself of your past achievements as well as your strengths will reinforce your commitment. You should infuse positive thoughts into your mind by affirmations or positive suggestions. You should keep away negative thoughts and negative ideas.

How setting smaller goals and achieving them may help

The strategy of setting smaller and achievable goals may help in enhancing your self-esteem and self-confidence. Smaller goals will be easy to achieve. But once you achieve them, your confidence levels will get a boost. You will be enthused to attempt slightly bigger goals with confidence. If you adopt this strategy, you can fast-track your success.

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