Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Teen Depression

Parents are very concerned about the increased incidence of teen depression. In this context, there is no other option available for them except to acquire as much knowledge about this problem as possible. Though the Internet has a lot of information about this problem, parents should discuss with their doctor also to get some valuable advice. If you are a parent and if your child has been affected, you should ask the following questions to your doctor so that you can have a good amount of information about teen depression.

Question #1 – What type of depression does my teen have?

Depression can be of many types. Depending upon the type, the doctor has to adopt the right approach for treating the affected teens.

Question #2 – Should I consult a therapist for easing the symptoms of the teen depression problem of my child? If so, kindly recommend a competent therapist.

The symptoms of teen depression problem may be worrisome and hence, you may want to seek the help of a therapist. So, you may consider it important to ask this question and find a competent therapist.

Question #3 – How may depression affect the eating pattern of my teen? Will it affect the health of my teen also?

Most of the teens who are affected by depression may have problems with their appetite and so, there are chances that they may lose weight. But there are a few teens who become overweight because they may lose interest in doing their exercises or may resort to over-eating also.

Question #4 – Will teen depression affect the sleep of my child?

Many teens who are affected by this problem may over-sleep. There may be an equal or more number of teens who may be affected by sleeplessness or insomnia. So their health may be affected.

Question #5 – Does teen depression cause physical pains?

A few teens may feel as if they have headaches, abdominal pains or back pains. Though there may not be any physical reasons, they may be feeling real pains.

Question #6 – Are there other health problems that contribute to the teen depression problem of my child?

Studies have found that ailments like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, thyroid diseases can trigger this problem in teens. If the problem already exists in teens, these ailments may worsen the problem. Some of these ailments may hamper the way how antidepressants work.

Question #7 – What about medications? Will they ease the symptoms of teen depression in my child?

Medications are prescribed only after evaluating the problem of the teens. In general, therapy and also appropriate medications are recommended for treating teens affected by depression.

Question #8 – Will drugs prescribed for teen depression have side effects?

Some of the drugs have side effects. It is better to know them and follow the dosage as per the recommendations of the doctor.

Question #9 – What lifestyle changes should I effect to help my child?

The main lifestyle changes recommended are providing nutritious and healthy foods, motivating the affected teen to do regular exercises and advising the teen to refrain from using drugs or alcohol.

Question #10 – Will I face any emergency situation? If so, how should I handle such a situation?

There should be a solid plan to face an emergency or a crisis situation. You should act according to the suggestions of the doctor.

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