Parenting Steps to Make Your Children Confident

It is the notion of a number of people that the challenges of children are not very big, but the real fact is that whatever challenges kids face like attending a new school or learning a new thing are quite big for them. Some kids may be able to overcome these challenges with confidence but if your children lack self-confidence, you need not despair because parenting experts suggest a few steps using which you can instill confidence in them.

How to instill confidence into your children

Competence gives confidence

Parenting experts say that if the competence levels of children are enhanced, their self-confidence will also improve. Some parents think that by repeatedly telling their children that they are confident or great, they can enhance their confidence levels. But in reality, achievements alone can boost self-confidence in kids. These achievements need not be very big. Even small feats may do wonders.

Begin the process very early

Parenting experts suggest that the process of building confidence in children should begin quite early. When small kids master skills like learning to turn a book’s pages or learning to walk, parents should appreciate them so that they will develop an “I-can-do-it” attitude. This means every milestone or skill children acquire can be used by parents for instilling confidence in them.

Providing opportunities

Parents should provide a lot of opportunities to children to master or acquire new skills. Kids may make mistakes but parents should not mind these mistakes. They will soon master the skills if they are allowed to make mistakes and if they are encouraged at every step. Encouraging words will boost their confidence and inspire them to keep trying till they master the skills.

Do not involve directly

Parenting experts advise that parents should not directly involve themselves when kids engage in such small activities. They should of course supervise them so as to ensure their safety but should not directly involve in their tasks. They should be allowed to try new things. Though they may make mistakes, hovering around may not inspire them. They should be allowed to commit mistakes and learn from them. They may make a mess of things but the benefit of boosting their self confidence out-weighs all these small issues.

Do not allow frustration to affect them

When children commit mistakes while trying new things, parents should never ridicule them. They should rather be encouraged just because they have made their efforts. They should also be encouraged at every step however small it may be. Ridiculing may cause frustration in them and that may not do any good. It may rather sap their enthusiasm and their confidence levels may get a beating.

Parenting experts point out that parents have a lot of chances to boost the self confidence of their children but they have to use these opportunities. If they use positive tools like encouragement, praise children will develop a good bonding with the parents. The kids will get suitably prepared to face the world with confidence also.

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