Relationship Between Teen Depression and Migraine

It has been long suspected that Migraine and depression has some sort of a connection. The fact that it really does, got substantiated in a recent study conducted by researchers from Toronto University. The study which was conducted by experts have shown that while only 3% of men without migraine suffer depression, almost 8% of those with migraine have fallen prey to depression. Even the women candidates confirm to this findings. 12% of women migraineurs have depression while less than 6% of non sufferers have it. The even more appalling fact is that teen patients of migraine are at even greater risk of having teen depression.

Teen Depression- Often a result of Migraine

The same research confirms that the degree of depression and suicidal tendencies is much lower in patients who are of ripe age. The young ones, especially teenagers however suffer from a graver chance of getting chronic depression, as a result of persisting migraine. The reason behind this have not been found out correctly, but is suspected that the older patients are more patient in dealing with the pain and lifestyle impairments that migraine brings along. The teenagers being young and restless are often driven to the point of exhaustion when they look forward to a whole life with the affliction of this tiresome painful disease. Teen depression is therefore very common in young sufferers.

Why are teens more prone to Migraine?

Teenage is a turbulent time in any individual’s life. It is also one of the most formative periods. There are many lifestyle changes and the young people are suddenly propelled into adult life, barred of parental supervision. This off course leads to some health issues and teen depression, psychological problems in some children. One of the most worrying amongst them is Migraine, whose symptoms include acute headaches and pain, disturbed vision etc.

Certain triggers have been identified which has direct relationship with teenage migraine. The first and foremost is a bad unplanned diet. You can see that most teenage migraineurs have skipped breakfasts, done crash diets or survived on sugary or starchy snack items. Hydration is also important, but an active life and lots of extracurricular activities often leads to inadequate intake of water. Insufficient sleep is another cause. Staying in from of Television, computer screens etc without using anti-glare or maintaining advised distance is also bad.

Ways to ditch Migraine by starting early

Like most diseases an early detection and proper diagnosis is required for migraine as well. There is a tendency to play down the symptoms of migraine, as people think that headaches are a common problem and can be tackled by popping a pill. Migraine is sometimes confused with sinus also. Some teenagers, when complaining of acute and recurring headaches are thought to have eye-sight problems. What is needed is proper treatment, medications; light exercises a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. The more quickly these are incorporated in the teen’s life the more is the chance of ditching migraine and teen depression along with it.

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