Regain Your Self-Esteem By Identifying Symptoms Of Depression

Depression has remained a played down disease for long; till the time its strong ability to affect the quality of life has came into consideration. It is not only a psychological disorder but affects the body physically as well. More than one in every ten adults are targets of depression; the case of teenagers is worse with one in every five, having faced the pangs of depression at least once in their lives. There are many adverse effects of depression. It may lead to sleeplessness and overeating, obesity, unexplained pains and aches and off course it is a major blow to self esteem.

Self Esteem and Depression

A depressed person has no confidence in himself, and a confident person is never depressed. This is so because a person with some amount of self esteem and confidence never runs out of positive thoughts and energy. These are the two prime factors that fight away depression. A depressed person will be psychologically distraught with no major goals in life and nothing to look forward. But self esteem helps one to dream, and dream big. It is one of the sure shot factors to get success in life. Hence recognizing early signs of depression and fighting them away to regain self esteem is the smartest thing to do.

Triggers of Depression

Depression never occurs in a day; unless a personal loss or big accident occurs. Depression sometimes occurs after a series of failures, when one starts to feel like a loser. It can also happen after a relationship fails or a string of unsuccessful relationships. It is justified to feel sad when something does not happen the way we desire it to happen. But if one continues to feel helpless even after many days and do not take life normally then it is a case of depression. Separation from a place or a job might also cause depression.

Symptoms of Depression

It is important to diagnosis depression in the early stages before it starts to plague your whole life. An all pervading feeling of hopelessness and helplessness gulps an individual. One tends to lose all kind of interest in hobbies and once favorite pastimes. There is no desire to go out and do new things or make acquaintances. Sudden increase or decrease in appetite is also a serious indicator. Depressed people are more prone to dietary disorders and obesity than others. There is a blank and futile effort to try and compensate the more meaningful things in life with food.

There is also a marked difference in the sleep pattern of a person. The behavioral changes are the easiest symptoms of depression. The affected person will suddenly go very quiet or irritable. The irritation is caused mainly because of low tolerance level. The depressed person will also be self loathing and will criticize even small mistakes. There will be no energy or urge to finish a task.

The symptoms of depression are quite evident if noticed carefully, so make sure that you notice them and fight them in time to save your self esteem.

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