Secret of Healthy Marriages

You are not daydreaming if you see yourself walking hand in hand with your spouse even in the sunset years of life. Making a marriage last for years together is not very difficult, though it does require effort from both of you. But make a commitment to yourself and to your spouse that you will make it work, no matter what it takes, and you will see yourself fulfilling it. Keeping a marriage going strong is no rocket science. All you need is love and honesty, and read up these amazingly simple secrets to keep your married life healthy and rocking!

Accept Each Other the Way You Are

Just as you would hate it if your partner criticizes your flaws, you should also refrain from doing so. All of us have our share of flaws and it is important to understand that both of you must accept each other with your qualities as well as imperfections. It makes sense to stop cribbing and help your partner in a positive way to change his or her ways. All healthy marriages are based on the foundation of acceptance.

Change for Each Other

Just as it is important to accept each other, it is also important to make some changes to show your partner you really care. You can watch each other’s favorite TV shows, mix with each other’s friends and colleagues and cook and eat each other’s favorite dishes. All these go a long way to express that you value the person in your life. Who knows, you might actually start liking what your partner likes!

Have Fun Together

Fun is not just for kids. For couples also, doing fun things together can prove to be a very good bonding experience. Tickle each other, go dancing, take rides in amusement parks, wash the car together or go swimming together, all of these are fun activities where you can just let your hair down and soak in each other’s loving company, making yours a truly healthy marriage.

Acknowledge your Partner’s Efforts

Your husband might not help you with cooking, but he might be excellent at cleaning up after meals and doing the dishes, which you take for granted since ‘he doesn’t help cook’. You need to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that after your meal, you can head to your room and read your favorite book only because your husband cleans up everything. This clearly shows he cares for you and loves you. You also can do something similar.

Never Try to Get Even

This is when you have had a fight. Come one, although this article is about love, we all know that all healthy marriages have their share of fights. But even when you do have a fight, don’t treat it as a battle and don’t try to get even. Avoid hurtful words or hitting below the belt. And most importantly, don’t drag each other’s past mistakes in the current fight to justify yourself. Trying to get even may make you say things you might regret later.

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