Psychological Problems Take a Toll over the Self-Esteem of Women

Women play a variety of roles in their life. They are under the constant pressure of being the best daughter, sister, mother and a great wife. Somehow giving their best in everything they do motivates their self-esteem. No wonder exceling in all these relationships leave them with very less time to look after themselves.

Psychological problems faced by women

Women tend to get so busy in doing their responsibilities that most of the time they just stop taking good care of themselves. They get so engrossed in looking after their children and family that they start neglecting themselves. Apart from their own negligence towards their health, certain other factors too can affect their psychology. There are a few psychological disorders that have been proved to be quite common in women as compared to men.

Anxiety disorders

Survey has revealed that anxiety issues like Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, panic, social phobia and so on are common in women. Anxiety often comes out in women when they are stressed about something. It is absolutely normal to feel anxious but the problem starts when this anxiety gets excessive. So if you are feeling anxious about that first date or your upcoming speech in office, you are fine. But when you start worrying about even the smallest of things, you may need to get some help. Untreated anxiety issues can mar your self-esteem, apart from affecting your health.


Depression has different effects on different people. While some may experience major highs, some other may feel extremely low when depressed. This emotion of not feeling good about yourself can shake your self-esteem from within. Depression is a serious problem and can have a negative effect on almost every part of your life. It is most likely to affect your relationships, social life, career and your self-esteem. But the good thing is that depression is totally treatable. So if you are suffering from depression or know someone who is under it, do not hesitate from taking professional help. With regular counseling and guidance you will be able to get out of the problem.

Eating disorders

Easting disorders are another physiological problem faced by women that can even lead to health concerns. Women with eating disorders tend to either eat too little or too much. Both of these are bound to cause serious health problems. If you are suffering from this disorder, you may begin by eating too little but after a certain point it will make you eat a large amount of food in the form of cravings.

Eating too less will make you weak while eating too much will put you at the risk of getting obese. Both these outcomes directly affect your self-esteem. Timely professional help will guide you in getting out of this problem.

You may not always realize which psychological problem has gripped you as most of them have the same symptoms. But the moment you realize something is worrying you, it is better to opt for psychotherapy to prevent your self-esteem from deteriorating.

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