Parenting Tips to Avoid Teen Depression

If you observe that the grades of your teen have dipped, if your teen keeps awake even during midnight or if your teen oversleeps to such an extent that he or she is not able to attend school, you can construe that there may be some problem with him or her. Likewise, if your teen is excessively tardy or is not able to maintain good relationship with friends, you can suspect that he or she may have the problem of teen depression. Other signs of teen depression are the affected adolescents may not participate in the activities they used to like very much, may not be able to concentrate on anything, may be irritable and may not bother about their looks, appearance or hygiene.

Tips To Parents For Avoiding Teen Depression

These tips will help parents to ensure that their adolescent children are not affected by teen depression.

Be Patient

Parents of teens should have utmost patience and should not react quickly to the negative behaviors of their children. They should remember that the teens of today have a number of things to distract them. In fact, the neural networks of teens undergo a lot of changes during teenage and so, teens may be more impulsive than adults. They make decisions with their hearts and not by using their heads. If parents lose their patience, it may have negative effects.

Adopt A Constructive Approach

Whenever teens exhibit a particular behavior, parents should think constructively to find out if there is a kernel in that behavior that can help them grow. Parents should spend sufficient time with their teens on a daily basis. They can discuss with them, listen to them and encourage them to talk. When they speak out, parents should relate to what they talk for which they can draw from their own experiences and knowledge. The focus should be on helping the teens have constructive ideas and a positive attitude towards everything in life.

Do Not Try To Manipulate Your Teens

Teens are not material possessions and hence, parents should not manipulate them. If they try to show their dominance, teens may think that they are trying to manipulate them. Instead of adopting an autocratic approach, parents should give the teens enough freedom.

Parents Need Not Impress Their Teens

However successful parents may be, they need not try to impress their teens by boasting of their accomplishments. Teens always look upon their parents as their role models and so, parents need not make special efforts to impress them. If they commit this mistake, it may be like exerting pressure on the teens to perform. This may also create an inferiority complex in them.

Teenagers Have A Need For Acceptance

Many parents underestimate the need of teenagers for acceptance. Teens want to find and establish their identity. If parents put them down, they will be emotionally affected. They may be frustrated also. Only if parents listen to them and stop putting them down, they can help them find their identity. This can help in avoiding teen depression.

Remember That Mistakes Are Common

Everyone commits mistakes and hence, parents should not take their teens to task for the mistakes they commit.

Nagging May Get Negative Results

Parents should never nag their teens. Teens do not like if parents keep repeating instructions. They will consider it as an authoritative approach. So, parents should let go and allow teens to do things at their own pace.


If teens handle circumstances and pressures well, parents should appreciate them sincerely. Praise of parents will do a world of good for their development.

Have Faith In Your Teens

Parents should have utmost faith in their teens and teens should be made to realize this also. If parents adopt a patient approach and speak encouraging words, teens will understand this in due course of time.


Even if teens lose faith in their own capabilities, parents should encourage them. This will do a lot of good to infuse confidence in them. If parents keep reminding them of their capabilities, they will raise like Phoenix and accomplish great feats. Even if their friends forsake them, parents should keep encouraging them.

If parents follow these tips, they can certainly avoid teen depression in their children.

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