Signs that an Adolescent is Suffering from Teen Depression

Though the problem of teen depression has been on the increase, many parents do not know how to identify the problem. There are parents who do not notice the signs of depression in their children at all. Parents may find the following points useful.

Signs of Teen Depression

Keeping Aloof

If teens keep themselves away from friends, family and others, parents should understand that there is some problem with them. But, at the same time, they should not hastily conclude that this problem is teen depression. They should start watching them closely. Affected teens may hate to communicate with others and hence, they may avoid keeping in touch with friends and family members. They may over-sleep and may not fulfill their duties or involve in any activity. If the teens are unusually quiet for longer hours and do not like to interact with others, then parents should consult with professionals for knowing if the signs indicate teen depression.


Some of the depressed teens may become hostile or defiant. There may be angry outbursts if they are questioned why they have changed their behaviors or habits. Sometimes, they may go away from the scene without answering the questions posed to them.

Poor Performance in Studies

If the performance of the teens in their studies becomes inconsistent or if their grades start slipping steadily, parents can understand that they are not able to concentrate in their classrooms. Likewise, they may not do their assignments properly and teachers may complain about this also.


If teens are always sad without a smile on their face, it shows that they are mentally disturbed. Some teens may have a blank face without any emotions. Experts call this as “Flat Effect”.

Not Bothering About Appearance

Teens may not care to dress properly. They may wear unclean clothes and may not bother about cleanliness. They may not be as exuberant as they used to be.

Doing Things To Avoid People

They may try to avoid people for which they will act as if they are doing something very important.

Crying Without Any Reason

Adolescents who have been affected by teen depression may start crying easily and this may be become very frequent. There may not be any strong reason for such emotions. Some teens may start talking bad or expressing unusual opinions about other students in their school.

Changes in Behavior and Habits

If there are sudden changes in the behaviors, habits, etc. in teens, it is also a sign of teen depression. Some teens may suddenly shift to a new set of friends. There may be new mannerisms also.

Seasonal Depression

If teen depression lasts for a certain period, it is known as seasonal depression. Though this type of depression is also serious, the treatment options are different.

If parents communicate with their adolescent children frequently and keep in touch with them, it is easy to know and recognize the symptoms of teen depression. Nowadays, both the parents are too busy to spend time with their children. This is one of the main factors that causes this problem. Hence, parents should somehow find time for spending sufficient time with their children suffering from teen depression.

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