Most Effective Teen Depression Therapy

It is perfectly justifiable if parents are very much concerned about the changing trends because these trends contribute heavily to teen depression. In fact, the number of teens who are getting affected by this problem has been increasing at an alarming rate. Peer pressure, various types of distractions, competition, etc. are the main factors that contribute to teen depression. Not only that, both the parents are forced to work and since they are very busy eking out, they are not able to spend quality time with children. This is another factor that causes this problem.

Good News For Parents Of Children With Teen Depression

But, there is good news for parents who constantly worry about the welfare of their teens. A recently conducted study reveals that if the affected teens are administered combination therapy that consists of both antidepressants and the cognitive-behavioral-therapy, these young children can be saved from the serious effects of teen depression. The findings of the study assertively point out that this combination therapy is the most effective one for treating this problem.

Major Depression

Major Depression is a type of teen depression and if teens are affected by this mental illness, they will constantly feel sad and also hopeless. They may feel worthless, helpless, guilty and irritable. They may experience major changes in their appetite patterns and there may be significant disturbances in their sleeping patterns also. They will detest the same activities they were previously liking. Those teens who have been extremely affected may contemplate committing suicide also.

Treatment Options For Teen Depression

There are mainly three treatment options available for teen depression. They are cognitive-behavioral therapy, antidepressant therapy in which antidepressant Prozac or Fluoxetine is used and combination therapy that consists of both the therapies. The study that was conducted involved 36 weeks of testing of adolescents and when researchers tested during the middle of this period, those teens who received combination therapy had the best results. The response rate was as high as 85 percent. In those teens to whom only cognitive-behavioral therapy was given, the response rate was only 65 percent and in the case of teens who were administered antidepressants alone, the response rate was 69 percent. These results were found at the end of 18 weeks.

Findings Of Research Studies On Combination Therapy

Researchers could achieve optimum results when combination therapy was administered for 36 weeks. Lead researchers of this study point out that while antidepressants are responsible for dissipating the physical symptoms of teen depression, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy helps patients combat difficult and negative emotions.

But, they warn that if the antidepressant, Prozac, is administered, some of the teens had experienced increased suicidal thoughts. But, the fact remains that combination therapy consisting of antidepressant therapy as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most effective way to treat teen depression. Combination therapy is also a safer option than administering the other two therapies separately.

So, parents can discuss with their psychologists and get their teens this combination therapy so that these young children can get cured of much faster.

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