Mistakes You might be Committing while Dealing with Teen Depression

The problem of depression among people has been increasing in the recent decades. There are many factors contributing to this. Food habits, the competition that prevails everywhere, societal pressures, etc. are major factors that trigger depression. The alarming fact is depression is affecting children and especially teens. Parents are greatly concerned about this problem of teen depression

If you are a teen and if you have been affected by depression, you may be taking several steps for coping with the problem. But, while doing so, you may be committing certain mistakes also.

Mistakes That Are Committed By Teens Affected By Depression

There is nothing wrong in taking steps to beat teen depression. But you should pause for a moment to find out if the steps you take are yielding the desired results. If you are not able to cope with your stress, anxiety and depression even after taking these steps, you can construe that you are not taking purposeful steps. The steps you take are either not suitable for you or they are not the right steps.


One of the major mistakes you may be committing is to buy medicines over the counter and using them. Nothing can be more wrong or foolish than this step. The best way is to consult a competent doctor and get the right medicines prescribed. You should not forget the fact that there are many types of depression and there are no uniform medicines for all the types. Only the psychologist will be able to evaluate and find out the type of depression you have. Therefore, buying medicines on your own without the prescription of a good doctor may cause harm instead of benefiting you.


You may have a notion that if you consume alcohol, you can forget the factors that cause sadness. But, the bitter fact is that this is only temporary and once you become sober after coming out of the effects of alcohol, you may again be gripped by sadness. Further, consuming alcohol frequently or excessively may lead to more severe problems both physically and mentally. Excessive drinking may spoil relationships and can also bring down your reputation. 


Many people including teens go for shopping to cope with their depression problem. In general, most of the young people may be reckless while doing their shopping. If you also believe that you can lessen the effects of your teen depression by going for shopping, you may be disappointed. If you go on a shopping spree and behave recklessly while doing your shopping, you may not only be hurting your finances but will be adding to your gloom. If you are still dependent upon your parents and are spending their money for your shopping, you may earn their wrath also.

Like the habit of consuming alcohol, shopping will also give temporary relief only. Once your shopping is over, you will again feel sad. Another problem is that the habit of shopping you adopt for overcoming your teen depression may become an addiction also.


This is another mistake many people with depression including young children with teen depression commit. Several studies have revealed that there is a notion among people that eating till the stomach gets full may relieve their tension and stress. This is a misconception.

If you adopt this approach and eat fully to overcome your teen depression problem, you may be harming your health. But, if you eat judiciously by choosing only nutritious foods, it may help. On the other hand, if you start eating anything and everything to beat your depression, you cannot escape the ill-effects of anxiety or depression. If you become overweight due to this habit, you may have to spend money for treating the ailments that may be caused due to your unhealthy eating.

If you avoid these mistakes and cooperate with the psychiatrist who treats you, you can bid adieu to your problem.

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