Opposite Personalities Equal Healthy Marriages

Science has proven that opposite elements are naturally attracted to each other. We are a combination of the fundamental elements we see around us. This law of attraction relates to people and personalities too. Opposite personalities complement each other and make for stronger healthy marriages.

Much like chemistry, it’s inspiring to meet and connect with someone who is very unlike you. Excitingly alluring, people with opposite personalities, open minds, and receptive hearts make for robust healthy marriages.

Keep an open mind

Couples, who are opposite, often think their perspective to be more correct or better of the two, and head down the rocky path of trying to change the other to be more like them. This is often seen in couples where one is more of an introvert, while the other leans toward being an extrovert.

This can be dealt with through communication; plainly approaching situations through comfortable dialogue can help both individuals to learn from each other, strengthening their bond.

Understand your spouse

Develop a sense of positivity. A crucial facet to any character or personality, being genuine and inviting, will bring stability to your dynamic. Cherish the things that separate you from your spouse, approach your differences by treating them as rewards that enhance your marriage.

We all have much to learn from those we love and share our lives with. Acknowledge all that makes your spouse different from you; focus on their strengths and positives. Encourage and maintain support, rather than picking at faults by being critical of them.

Strike a balance

Meet your partner half way. It’s easy to say you love someone, but proving it requires love, commitment, understanding and at times conceding you aren’t always in the right.

Maintaining a positive and clear, calm outlook will make a world of difference. Try and not succumb to fear when things seem too challenging. Use your partner for support, or be their guiding light when in situations that are foreign to you both.

Be honest and assertive

It would be nice if we could read each other’s minds; however, things don’t work that way. A healthy marriage when opposite personalities are involved, comes from developing unbiased listening skills. Help your spouse open up, if they’re the reticent quite type. Honesty and assertiveness are qualities that will help clear the air and bring trust into the equation.

Keep calm and stable

An enduring faculty, the ability to stay calm in situations of heightened emotions is a definite pro in any relationship. When two significantly diverse personalities come together in marriage, it is important to create a common meeting ground.

A stable healthy marriage is much like a teeter-totter where one helps bring balance to the other. It is important to work with rather than against each other, through thick and thin, highs and lows, commonalities and differences.

No matter how different you are from your spouse, the idea to a healthy marriage is to have open-minded dialogue. Work with each other, heightening each other’s strengths while creating positive solutions. Welcome the differences you share with your spouse by using them to your advantage. Work toward making your marriage an exciting mix of delightful experiences.

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