Relationships Red Flags

Before you get into something as momentous in life like a marriage, its best to analyze the decision you’re about to take. Perhaps it’s best to take a step back, and look at your dynamic and partner minus the smitten rose-tinted glasses. 

Even before you get engaged, it’s important to know if you’re going to be able to sustain a healthy marriage with your chosen mate. Here are some red flags to look out for in any relationship on the road to something much more serious.

Emotional control

How often does your intimate friend get angry with situations around? Are the open to suggestions about how to go about better managing their approach to dealing with difficulties? Anger isn’t the easiest of emotions to handle, though some people are more volatile than others.

Worse still is cold anger, or resentment. A less healthy way of dealing with anger as an emotion, putting it aside by not addressing the issue immediately can lead to a strong and hateful buildup of resentment.

Lack of balance

A lot of interesting and fun people usually come with a whole bunch of baggage they aren’t ready to let go of just yet. These are the sort of alluring folk who generally have crutches they lean on.

Commitment to something regular is also stark red flag. If your partner has problems with holding on to a job, this shows a lack of commitment to themselves, who’s to know how much you figure in the equation.

Absence of respect

Cornerstone to any healthy relationship and potential marriage, respect build from love and trust. People often confuse lust for love, and end up in situations with their partners they rather wish they hadn’t entered.

If your intimate friend disrespects you by dishonoring your trust, lying to your face, treats you like you are their possession. These are telltale flags of a relationship going south.
Unsure of themselves

It might seem appealing initially to want to raise a person up from the disheartening place they’ve put themselves in. A partner constantly on the lookout for reassurance, or one who keeps throwing themselves under the pity bus; is quite a task to handle. A personality as such, must want to change from within, if not it will turn out to be more of an exhausting rather than healthy marriage.

Bossy much

The last thing you want in a union like a marriage is a bossy partner. Manipulative to say the least, people who are bossy don’t care much about others, leave aside the one’s they claim to love. Controlling people might even turn out to be aggressive, threatening, angry and very often coercive.

Your partner might show obtuse or acute traits of a dominating individual think for yourself if you’d want to continue to be in situation where you’re more a pawn than an equal. Deciding to get married is a big step for any person. A firm and steady way to know if the person proposing is right for you, go with your gut. Intuition will point you in the right direction. Only you can know best what’s best for you.

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