Just Love is Never Enough – Work Towards a Healthy Marriage

You can’t make bread without flour, just like you can’t make a marriage without love. Much as flour isn’t the only ingredient when making bread, love is just one of the important ingredients in the recipe for a good marriage. A lot of other equally vital ingredients go into making a beautiful and healthy marriage.

Love counts for heaps when two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together. Love is the single driving force, although in order to sustain this love through the years, several other important things come into factor.

Numerous skills go into maintaining a healthy marriage. Here are a few essential strengths that every married couple should know and practice.

Build on love

Love is the foundation of any relationship, especially a whole hearted commitment like marriage. It is important to bank on the many qualities that love in a marriage is based on. Absolute love comes with being open and real. It’s the capacity to understand and accept the person you love for who they truly are. Adapt to who your partner really is; entertain both the good and the bad.

Grow together

A healthy marriage calls for open communication. Being honest with yourself and your partner will pave the way to a long and outstanding relationship. Direct and open communication, approached calmly and respectfully, will strengthen your bond together.

Laugh as one

See the lighter side in a situation. The ability to laugh at mistakes made will bring in a healthier attitude and atmosphere. Marriage is all about compromise, a great sense of humor always helps. It’s best not to be a stick in the mud, but rather go with the flow and keep happy while doing so.

Change is improvement

We aren’t perfect, though together married couples can come closer to achieving an ideal relationship. Being open and honest about you are, leaves room open for improvement. Change is a big step toward growth, both individually and as a couple. Work together in a marriage.

Patience is vital

An integral part of keeping your marriage healthy, patience goes a long way. Unconditional love develops through patience and compliance. Be the bigger person. If you truly love each other, then be patient with your partner. Form a neutral sharing environment, without judgment and with absolute acceptance.

Manage your emotions

Most of the time, we get into fights with our spouses because of problems we face ourselves. How often must you continue to sour your relationship, all because the ego within refused to concede defeat? Taking responsibility of actions and emotions will bring fresh perspective. Give yourself credit enough to want to do the right thing by yourself and your spouse.
Life is created from love. Love nurtures our very existence into being.

An integral part of all relationships, just love is never enough. Though, love does form the basis of a healthy marriage, it is a cornerstone, a fundamental building block which supports and gives rise to several facets that go in to the making of a beautiful and understanding marriage.

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