Healthy Marriages for Couples with Children

A strong and healthy marriage is at the core of every happy family. Sure it’s easy to get distracted and end up dedicating more time to the children rather than your spouse. Common to every marriage, attention quickly shifts to the children and more often than not, dad feels awfully left out and distanced.

What’s important to keep a healthy marriage is a balance between time dedicated to children and time with your spouse. Assert your relationship with your partner, this in turn will provide additional security to your children.

Go with the flow

Scientific studies have proven that couples, who agree with each other positively, make for happy and long lasting relationships. Think about how often you use phrases like ‘yes, that’s true’ or ‘yes, tell me more’ while chatting with your better half.

Research suggests that being positive and approving of propositions made by your spouse makes them feel more supported in addition to influencing your marriage in a favourable way.

Less is more

Restrain the need to argue about every small little mistake made in regard with the kids. Less is always more in regard to the number of fights you have each day. Nagging your partner about not getting it right every time with the children will dishearten and annoy them, and most probably egg them on to putting in less effort with every task.

Whenever you feel like picking a fight over something that bothers you, ask yourself how much it really matters and if it would hold the same contention in about a week. Analysing yourself as well as your approach to issues faced will give you a clearer perspective on how you can go about strengthening your marriage.

Agree to disagree

Sometimes even healthy married couples go through patches where they just can’t agree on crucial decisions. At times like these, it’s best for both partners to accept certain aspects of character that can’t be changed.

When it comes to parenting skills, and related issues; it’s best to concede about who is actually right in the matter. Focus on common factors that the both of you care about, like your children. This will strengthen your bond as a couple and work toward creating a healthier marriage.

Pump it up

Taking time out from your hectic schedule and working out, either alone or together will get you working as a team. Practice going out for a walk or a jog around the neighborhood will work to your best. Healthy exercise in the day releases endorphins, a chemical naturally released in the brain that helps bring in a state of calm and happy.

Get down and funky

With children running about the house, personal time with your spouse can get sparse. Keep things spicy and fresh in the bedroom. Make it a point to have a few nights or afternoons saved up for some delightful adult time together.

You can have the best of both worlds, but you must work toward it. Keeping a healthy marriage along with raising children is absolutely possible; and the joys incomparable. All it needs is a wee bit of conviction, appreciation, acceptance, and mutual understanding.

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