Natural and Herbal Teen Anxiety Remedies

It is human nature to think and worry about the uncertainties of life. But you know that you are in troubled waters when you are continuously obsessing over the outcome of a certain thing, or becoming chronically depressed on happening/not happening of certain things. Ask these simple questions to yourself. Do you check whether the door is locked three four times before going to sleep? Do you keep on worrying about the gas oven being on while at work? Or is it simply a person’s rude behaviour that is giving you sleepless nights. All this could indicate that you are a victim of anxiety and need immediate medical attention to sort out the same. This is so because anxiety curbs you off the power to focus, contrite and be happy. There are specific types of anxiety, teen anxiety being the common one, which various people suffer from.

Teen anxiety on the high

Off late it has been noticed that teen anxiety is really on a high. Starting from factors like too much peer pressure, performance pressure from home, more use of addictives etc there are many complex socio-economic factors in the play as well. As the young minds are more vulnerable, anxiety is often more aggravated on the patients. This could lead to drastic life changing steps and even suicidal tendencies. Thus there is a need to cause a nip in the bud from the very beginning.

Remedies to anxiety- Going the natural way

There are many remedies doing the round that solves the anxiety issues to certain extent. This includes anti depressant medicines, stress relievers, attending of workshops and more. One of the emerging areas in this regards is taking of natural supplements. The best thing about this method is the fact that it does not force you to go through myriad side effects or a personality change in the whole. It is especially good for teen anxiety, because medicine addiction is bad for them. Let us have a look at the different natural remedies available.

Firstly there is catnip, a herb from the mint familyof herbs. It soothes the digestive system, reduces cramps and irritation. These are the normal problems that a person suffering from anxiety complains of. It works as a reliever from headaches and mild muscle pains as well. Chamomile is the best known soothing herb that is being used for a long time. Chamomile tea is especially popular among teens. It reduces tension and is good for liver. Valerian root is an excellent sedative and calms mind. Fennel seeds are effective in curing digestive problems and Passionflower is also another option.

Other things to keep in mind

While using herbal supplements to cure and curb teen anxiety, it is a good idea not to indulge in unhealthy life style choices like smoking, drinking, staying awake late nights, carbohydrate-rich diet etc. Prolonged medicinal intake without doctor’s consultation is also not recommended. Finally, before starting on a particular natural supplement for teen anxiety, make sure you are not allergic towards it.

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