Eliminating Teen Anxiety Stimulants

An anxiety disorder may seem like an odd companion for the teenagers. Although anxiety is often categorized as a normal human emotion experienced by all, a teenager with anxiety disorder becomes more affected by the symptoms in an intense way. It is important to note that excessive anxiety among the young kids can result in restlessness and impaired concentration. Also, this disorder can cause the child to be irritable, excessively tired with disturbed sleep. Researches have proved that the teen anxiety disorder is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the present day world. Approximately, almost five to fifteen percent of the children have anxiety issues.

Treating this problem does not involve a single treatment and involves a combination of effective panic treatments along with a change in the lifestyle. The most important step to reduce the levels of anxiety is to cut down the stimulants from the diet. The stimulants may not be the sole reason for the anxiety disorder in the body, but they exacerbate the symptoms, making it impossible to reduce teen anxiety.

Stimulants of teen anxiety

This can be described as the chemicals that excite the peripheral or central nervous system of a teen’s body. The word ‘excite’ can be better described as the release of chemicals or faster messages through the nervous system of the human body. Many may think of the stimulants as illegal drugs, cocaine, but the fact is, some of the stimulants become a part of the everyday diet in a teenager’s lifestyle like nicotine, caffeine, ginseng and theobromine. Alcohol in small doses is even termed as stimulants. Each of the above excites the body and mind creating energy that further gets transformed into anxiety disorders. Stimulants cause problems for the ones who are trying to cope up with anxiety issues, like:

Unused energy

As intake of stimulants creates excess energy in the body, it is important to channelize the excess energy. On failure to do so, it will further worsen the anxiety symptoms. To keep a check on the extra energy it is thus suggested to perform daily exercises.

Fear of symptoms

Anxiety itself creates the fear of symptoms. Teenagers fearing their anxiety find their fear becoming anxiety in the long run while worsening the situation.

Triggering attacks

Stimulants speed up the heart beat rate while creating unusual physical sensations that might lead into heart attacks. Thus, it is advisable to reduce stimulant intake for coping up and reducing teen anxiety.

Eliminating stimulants is treated as an important anxiety reduction strategy. The more a teenager decides to go for the energy stimulants, the more it becomes difficult for him/her to cope up with his/her anxiety disorder. Reducing stimulants may not cure the anxiety problem completely, but it will surely help to treat other anxiety treatments. One might think that a cup of coffee each morning is unlikely to cause much effect but it surely affects the teen anxiety symptoms and makes it difficult to get relieved from this disorder.

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