Drugs and Medication for Teen Anxiety

Researches over several years have proved that anxiety among the teenage groups is always higher affecting their physical and mental health while leading them to diseases like schizophrenia, depression and personality disorders. Teens are always under constant pressure which can be because of their grades in schools, getting accepted by their peers or before entering the high school. There is a thin line of difference between teen anxiety disorder and normal worrying. Anxieties among teens are characterized by irrational or excessive fears.

The office for the National Statistics Mental Health in Young People reported that one in every ten children (of up to 15 years of age) suffers a mental disorder. Also, the study revealed that the disorder tends to affect the kids as they reach their adolescence.

Medication for teen anxiety

To battle mental health disorders like anxiety among kids there are many medication options available. The medications have proven benefits particularly for the teens with severe anxiety.

Anxiety drugs

The last resort for the distress treatment world are the medications. There are certain potential advantages and disadvantages of taking the medication. The positive effects can be listed as little effort to remove the stress, speeds up recovery for those people who is suffering from severe anxiety and comes to use when all other modes of mental health treatment fails. The side effects of the anxiety drugs can be described as considerable likelihood of developing gastro-intestinal problems, personality alter, causes withdrawal and dependence issues and also extreme fatigue in many cases.


Not all the antidepressants were designed to treat anxiety issues, but were simply produced to alter the brain chemistry in an advanced way to help it cope easily with all the stress of our lives. Many of the anti-depressants are found to treat teen anxiety in a positive way as they give benefits for both depression and anxiety. Some of the antidepressant drugs that facilitate mood apart from treating anxiety issues can be described as:

i. Serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors such as the Prozac, Luvox, Celexa etc
ii. Tricyclic antidepressants such as the Sinequan, Pamelor etc
iii. Atypical antidepressants such as Trazodone and Bupropion


This is the most well known medication that is prescribed for the teen anxiety treatment. It is known for its brand name like Ativan, Xanax and many more. Compared with other anti-depressants, this medicine is specially designed to control the anxiety symptoms of teenage people. Intake of this drug brings in a sedation effect which makes the body and mind calm for the stressed out ones. However certain disadvantages also follow, like if the sedation becomes stronger it may cause fatigue. Also, this drug if taken on a regular basis tends to lose its effectiveness in the long run.

Teen anxiety is considered to be a complex disorder and the anti-anxiety drugs and medications respond differently for each people. They are actually considered to be invaluable for the ones who are in absolute need of these for their .

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