Destructive Teen Anxiety Habits

Self destructive teenage kids are more likely to express their anger by acting violently or harming themselves. The key way to help a self destructive teenager is to find a way to the root of his/her anger instead of diagnosing or treating him/her with drugs. Every effort should be made by the teen’s family to bring appropriate changes in the family, which can be of great help in treating the anxiety issue. Parents of the self destructive teens and young adults need to be aware that their kids may be well motivated by an unconscious feeling of resentment or anger. The teenager can only be motivated towards a productive path when the root of his/her rage can be uncovered and dealt with more maturity. Teen anxiety is forged over several years of experiences and the best way to treat it is to break the reasons into two main causes which are environment and biology.

The biological causes behind anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are often caused due to biological and genetic reasons. This issue is found more to be hereditary and the biological causes can be due to the deregulation in the brain chemistry, alterations in brain activity, medical and genetic reasons. Many researchers have proved that an imbalance in the brain chemistry is quite likely to create teen anxiety disorder. The studies have also proved that teenagers suffering from anxiety have issues with brain chemicals or neurotransmitters, including the serotonin and gamma amino butyric acid. The brain chemicals play an important role in the mood, sleep and emotional stability of human beings. Studies on teen anxiety have also proved that people are more prone to this disorder genetically than any other thing. Anxiety issues may pass down to the children from their parents or from other immediate and close family members. Sometimes medical conditions also play a role in increased anxiety for teenagers. This situation may occur when an illness or disease affects the brain chemistry.

Environmental causes behind the anxiety disorder

Several studies have shown that the environment alone is sometimes sufficient to create stress and anxiety in a teenager. Some of the obvious environmental causes behind increased anxiety can be listed as childhood trauma, improper upbringing, stress, change in lifestyle and abuse. Stress in daily life may seem common to many, but serious stress on a long term basis brings in the serious anxiety issue among many teenagers. The ability to deal with the daily life stress is very important to prevent it from developing teen anxiety issues. Specific childhood traumas may at times lead to increased anxiety disorder. Trauma during the early stages of childhood has the ability to create long term, serious repercussions in the later stages of a teenager’s life.

Most of the times, understanding and treating the anxiety disorder becomes incredibly complex. But it should always be remembered to sort out all the potential causes that have lead to the anxiety issue in a teenager. There may be a thousand teen anxiety causes, but it should also be remembered that there are many effective treatment options available to cure this issue.

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