Desensitizing Teen Anxiety

Psychological issues should never be neglected. These day’s terms like trauma, depression and teen anxiety have all become so common that everyone knows the meaning. But there is a thin line between feeling anxious, and anxiety becoming a medical problem for you. Remember that worrying for a certain thing, say your child’s safety is natural, but if you are going on obsessing about a certain thing, with negative thoughts so much so that your normal routine is getting harmed then you better get help.

This sort of problem is so common in teens that most are not even aware that they are suffering from it. The young minds are more susceptible to the dangers of anxiety. Growing up is a difficult task these days, between peer pressures, looking perfect, scoring high, late night parties, drinks, drugs, etc.

Remedies for Teen anxiety- Desensitization

Desensitization is nothing but the process modeled to reduce the triggers that spark of anxiety in a person. It is practiced so that a person’s mind and body gets used to the things that it fears the most, thereby reducing the overall level of anxiety. Sometimes one needs a guide to course through the process, but it can be done from the comfortable confines of your home.

The process of desensitization

To begin with, it is very necessary that you recognize the triggers that cause teen anxiety. This is the first step and the most important as well because the rest of the process will be centered on it. Now the task is to make the person accustomed with the trigger to such an extent that it does not make them panicked. There are different methods of doing this and it is a very good idea to keep someone at hand. It is necessary to calm down the person at the beginning, if required.

Progressive and Controlled Desensitization

The progressive desensitization is meant for those suffering from phobia or fear related anxiety issues. For instance a teen may be afraid of a certain bug or reptile. This could have happened due any early childhood issue or might be something seen over television or movies. In this method the person is subjected to the thing they fear the most in stages. Firstly they are made to look at the pictures, when slowly that stops to create any reaction, they are moved to watch videos and finally in reality. Obviously the effect does not come in a day, but in stages and one needs to be patient through it.

In the controlled desensitization the sufferer is actually made to go through the emotions and situations that makes them uncomfortable, until and unless it ceases to have any effect on the psyche.

Whatever be the method to control or reduce teen anxiety, it needs to be done within a proper time frame so as to ensure that there is no life changing alteration in the young minds.

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