Victim of Teen Anxiety or Teen Depression

Teenage is really a difficult time frame to pass. There are so many pressures from different quarters. Just imagine this; you need to look perfect, any extra weight will make you the target of all ridicule whereas if you are lanky, that will draw unkind comments as well. There is a constant, often said sometimes unsaid, pressure from home front to achieve well in academics and extracurricular. There is the nagging tension of being unsure about what the future holds. Hopeless love affairs, disastrous break ups, the lure of drugs and endless drinking, peer pressure and what not. Growing up has become very complex this days and as a result teen anxiety and teen depression are becoming very common problems this days.

Causes and effects of teen anxiety

Anxiety is nothing but over thinking over a simple issue, fearing things that are not in realty going to happen to you. Naturally immature and tender young people are more susceptible for psychological issues like this. Teen anxiety is a very common problem indeed and might stem from social phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder. The manifestation of different types of anxiety is also different. While some show emotional distress, like locking up oneself in a room, refusing to talk to someone, there are certain teen sufferers who show physical discomfiture. This may include slight pain, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia and dizziness. There is a complete behavioral change in some others.

Growth in teen depression

Depression is also common in teenagers these days. Depression can be caused due to any traumatic incident suffered in past, family issues etc. Depression is constant and all encompassing feelings of loneliness and sadness gripping a human mind can leave a person numb to all types of joy and happiness. Chronic depression does not take much time to infest a life of normalcy. Since teenage is the time when careers are thought and perceived, the character of a person is slowly shaped, teen depression could be very negative indeed.

Fighting teen anxiety and teen depression

Teen anxiety and teen depression has to be treated with caution. Treating the sufferer with care and compassion is very much necessary, in such cases. There are certain lifestyle changes that need to be brought slowly but surely. A proper daily routine which includes waking up early and some sort of physical exercise, be it walking, jogging, swimming or gym should be there. The diet should not be very much carbohydrate intensive. Too much of caffeine and alcohol is to be avoided at all cost. Finally the sufferer should be made to spend time like a normal teen does; spending time with family, playing with siblings, talking to close friends, engaging in a sport or hobby etc. There are many medications and herbal supplements available which take care of this sort of problems. Whatever you choose, remember that doctor’s consultation is advisable for treating teen anxiety or depression because of the tender age.

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