Living With Teen Anxiety Disorder

Did your doctor tell you that you have teen anxiety disorder. But, this is not the thing to worry. You should feel relieved as there are different treatments available to get out of the problem, rather than simply spending your days without understanding the reason behind the problems you are experiencing in your body and mind.

Of course, after knowing this, you will feel more worried and will have more questions like why it came to me,what type of treatments are available ans son on The good news is that there are different treatment alternatives available to help out with teen anxiety. Experts say that the key to get out of the problem is to find the right treatment and stick to it. If you are worried as to whether you have this issue, there need not be any worry and it is better to keep yourself informed about the common misconceptions.

Common misconceptions about anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorders are not that serious: This is the most common myth as it is experienced by many people falling under different age groups. But, the fact is that it is hugely distressing and it can actually be a symptom by itself.

No treatment is needed: Ms. Risa Weisberg, who is the Co-Director and Assistant Professor of the Brown University Program for Anxiety Research has pointed out that nearly half of the primary care patients with anxiety disorder were not taking any kind of treatment for their condition. When they were asked the reason for the same, most of them pointed out that they do not believe in getting any treatment for emotional problems. But, this is just a myth and the bottom line is that there are good many treatment options available and it is not essential that they will have to suffer on their own.

Anxiety disorder is just a character defect: Some people think that teen anxiety is just a character defect and when the right kind of counseling is given, children can be relieved of the problem. But, the fact is that it has some neurological and genetic base and only when it is identified, the right relief can be provided.

Medication is needed to improve: It is believed that the medicines alone can solve the problem. But, the fact is that in some cases just some behavioral changes with the help of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be helpful. Even some of the patients might need both, which the CBT technique can enable patients to understand how to get lasting benefits.

Are you still worried how to live with teen anxiety? As mentioned earlier, it is not essential that you will have to live with this problem as there are different treatment options available.


When you seek the help of a psychiatrist, you will be suggested with SSRIs or SNRIs as these medicines are effective in treating depression. Also, psychotherapy may be suggested, where in different techniques like cognitive restructuring and exposure therapy can be followed by the doctor as per your mind’s requirement.

To conclude, do not worry about living with teen anxiety and you can get out of the problem with ease by finding the right remedy for the same.

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