Issues To Talk About Before Committing In Relationships

Have you found your dream man or woman and are highly passionate and crazy about your future with the person, just because you have decided to move together? Both of you now have decided that you must be together from now on, but stop, before you plan to purchase your engagement ring, it is better to talk about the issues that can make things move or break relationships. You might think that there is love, which can keep you connected all through, but once the pheromones calm down and once the happiness of new love gets down, how will your relationship continue will be the question. In relationships, it is essential to ensure beforehand itself as to whether both of you are on the same page or at least in the same chapter, when it comes to convictions or feelings about each other.

What to talk about?


Do you have a common understanding about faithfulness and what is each of your thought towards ‘cheating’. Here, it is better to decide whether you will accept if your partner has friends in the opposite gender.


When it comes to new-love, some couples sustain the concentration and regularity of sex. But, it should be decided on the comfortable rhythm for each of you. Also, the desire of both towards satisfying the other person should also be discussed before entering into love relationships.


As compared to the above-mentioned two points, this is the hardest point to discuss between couples. Both your attitude towards providing for the family should be discussed and it is also better to decide about paying bills, like who will be paying them. It should also be checked whether you have common ideas about the things that should belong to each other. Like, the items coming under yours, mine and ours should be discussed. Here, it is better to be honest about the debt you will be bringing in and check whether both have similar thoughts about spending money and saving it.


What will be the role played by work in each of your lives. If both of you or one of you have a high-powered career, what are the sacrifices, both are going to make in ensuring a healthy relationship? If one of you earns more as compared to other, will it interfere in decision making processes? What will happen after childbirth should also be discussed.

Free time

It is better to decide as to how will you spend your leisure time with each other or with other friends both have. Also, decide if one of you goes for a night out with other friends, will it be fine for the other person. In addition, decide on the things you can do together to make the relationship to continue in a healthy fashion.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, when it comes to marriage relationships, it is better to talk about other issues like health & fitness, social media and gaming, volunteering & charity, kids, relationships with in-laws, chores, partying and conflicts well in advance, so that future problems can be avoided.

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