Increase in Students Suffering from Teen Depression

The only good advantage about the media bringing out the facts about teen depression is that many people have realized that this problem truly exists. Especially, parents are becoming more aware of this problem and they want to know more about it.

The most disturbing fact is that the incidence of teen depression has been increasing at an alarming rate. A recent survey has also revealed that drinking, smoking and drug addiction are increasing among teens and a number of teens are being affected by the problem of depression. This may be due to many reasons and one of the reasons is that both the parents are forced to work outside, thanks to the state of the economy prevailing in the country.

Reasons For The Increase In The Incidence Of Teen Depression

Pressures Faced By Teens

Teens need not only attention but love also. Parents do love children but due to the various pressures they face, they are not able to communicate their love to their teens. In addition to that, teens themselves are facing a lot of issues. They face peer pressure, stiff competition in their performances in studies and various other activities, the pressure of proving themselves and so on.

Dilemma Of Teens

Further, teens are on the threshold of entering adulthood. On one side, they are still young people who cannot make many important decisions. On the other side, they think that they are mature enough to make decisions. They want to show that they are already adults. So, they are caught in a very serious dilemma and if they do not get the right kind of support from their parents, teachers and others, some of them take to harmful habits like drinking, smoking or taking drugs. Many of them are affected by the problem of depression.

Effects Of Failure

Many young people are not able to digest failure and this is one of the most important reasons for teen depression. These teens do not understand that participation is more important than winning. Even a small failure causes intense emotional problems for them.

What Do The Surveys Reveal?

The results of several surveys are alarming. 14 percent of students who are attending high school and about 17 percent of students of Grade 7 and 8 have confessed that they considered attempting suicide at some point or the other. The survey also reveals that the number of students who have faced bullying in school has also increased.

How To Save Children With Teen Depression

The only way to save children affected by teen depression is show love and care. This is not a new prescription because these have been the pearls of wisdom suggested even by our ancestors. Parents should understand that their children need love, encouragement and a sense of security. Though it is true that parents face a lot of pressure, they should make sure that they spend quality time with their children. This will go a long way in helping children face the difficult situations they come across in their lives.

If parents have found out that their children have been affected by teen depression, they should immediately try to know more about the problem. They should always be kind to the children. They should keep advising them at the right time. They can even seek the help of experts for helping their teens. If they adopt a focused approach, they can certainly bring happiness back in the lives of their children dealing with .

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