Parenting Tips – Dealing with Rude Teen Behavior

When parents face rude behavior from their teens, they start suspecting their own parenting skills. Parenting involves realizing that rude teen behavior is the result of a number of outside influences like cell phones, texting, close bonds with peer groups, etc. TV shows, the Internet and various books can also influence teens. These influences push them away from the same parents upon whom they have been dependent till recently.

Parenting experts point out that there will be differences in behavior between teen boys and teen girls. Teen girls may over-react and may exhibit dramatic behaviors whereas the behaviors of teen boys may alternate between showing withdrawal symptoms and exhibiting defiant behaviors. But, no parent will be happy if their teens behave rudely.

Parenting Tips For Dealing With Rude Teens

Maintaining Parental Status

Though some of the parenting experts advise parents to behave like friends with their teens, this approach may not be right when the teens behave rudely because these teens may be expecting help. So, parents should give them cues as to how to deal with a situation.

This means that parents should tweak the rules appropriately and implement these new rules when the teens try to show their growing independence. Parents should think with a long-term perspective and give preference only to the right things that may include honesty, good behavior, etc. over good grades. These preferences should be communicated to the children clearly, firmly and calmly. Parents should not wait till things go out of control.

Appropriate Punishments

Parents cannot stick to the same old methods they have been all along been adopting for giving punishments. Earlier, praising the children or giving suitable gifts may have worked but, once teens start developing an independent attitude, parents should change the ammunition in their arsenal. They can forbid the children from indulging in their favorite activities. When parents threaten that they will punish the rudely behaving teens, they should follow through. Otherwise, teens may take complete advantage and their behaviors may become worse.

Remind Your Teens That They Should Reciprocate Respect

When teens behave rudely, parents should remind them that as parents, they expect their children to reciprocate respect or love. If teens yell at parents, parents should clearly tell them that they are hurt, though they still love them. Likewise, if parents realize that they have committed a mistake, they should not hesitate to apologize. This will show the children that parents not only love them but respect them as well.

Spending Time With Teens Who Behave Rudely

Parenting experts suggest that parents should set aside time for their teens. They should listen to them completely because they may have some points to discuss, may have certain doubts or even grievances or may need some help. Even teens who behave rudely will realize soon that their parents are ready to listen to them. This will give a sense of security to them.

It is true that dealing with rude teen behavior needs a common sense approach. Parents should avoid getting emotional about this issue. If they approach this problem calmly, they can come out with many workable ideas. But, the above parenting tips are very important and they may certainly help parents in dealing appropriately with teens with rude behavior.

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