Parenting Mistakes while Disciplining Kids

Many parents complain that they are not able to discipline their kids however hard they try. They say that no amount of threatening, cajoling or repeating instructions is able to make their children obey. This means that they are adopting wrong child-training methods and that is the reason these parents are facing failure in their attempts.

Parenting experts point out the mistakes parents commit while trying to discipline their kids. They point out that many parents resort to quick bribing for making their kids obey their instructions. But, parents may realize that this is a grave mistake only later because this approach is a classic example of ineffective and faulty parenting.

Experts suggest that parents should reach the minds and hearts of their children. So, if they commit certain mistakes, they cannot get the results they expect.

Mistakes Parents Commit While Disciplining Kids


Many parents think that bribes may motivate their children to obey them. On the contrary, these children may become selfish and they will start doing things for having personal gains. Children should learn that obeying parents is the right thing. They should not be made to think that they can get rewards if they obey their parents.


We come across many parents who count up to three for making their kids do the things they want them to do. But, this will lead to what is called delayed obedience. Therefore, they should not be trained like this. In fact, delayed disobedience and disobedience are one and the same. Children should be made to understand that obedience is the best option that can get them all the good things in their life.


According to parenting experts, this is one of the commonest issues in parenting. Many parents do not follow through with their threats and so, such an approach may make things worse. In fact, threats that are not followed through cannot be effective at all.

Appealing To Emotions

Parents should never try to appeal to the emotions of their children because it may give them a guilty feeling. Only those parents who think that their children owe them obedience will adopt this approach. The fact is that obedience should come from the heart of the children. No amount of motivation or appealing can fetch results.

It Is Wrong To Reason With Children

No amount of reasoning will get parents the results they expect. When parents try to reason with children, they will lose their parental authority. Parenting experts say that parents cannot always adopt a friendly approach with children. Sometimes, it is necessary that they should show their authority and especially, while disciplining kids, they should necessarily tackle their children with authority. When they try to reason with their children, they lose this authority and hence, they cannot achieve the desired results.

If parents avoid these mistakes and adopt a common-sense approach, they can certainly succeed in disciplining their kids. They can get several other ideas also if they browse the internet and look for the suggestions of parenting experts.

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