How Can Anxiety Issues Affect Your Work?

With the advent of modernity, human lives have become more complex and dis-oriented. In the wake of over civilization, the most common complaint is the huge increase in psychological problems. Depression and anxiety is the most heard disorders that seek to disrupt a normal functioning life. Anxiety issues and depression are invasions into both personal and professional front of an individual’s daily life.

While depression is perceived with a little effort, anxiety issues are often overlooked till the point of no return. People think it to be normal to worry over certain things, being prudent and cautious. But anxiety disorder is very serious. Excessive worrying, a persisting uneasiness and loss of focus and attention are the symptoms. Fear and sudden panic attacks are also common in some patients. The way anxiety grips a person, both his physical and psychological health gets disrupted. This is so because anxiety could lead to greater blood pressure, a sudden increase in heart beats and dizziness. It may also lead to neurological problems in later life.

Causes of anxiety issues

There are many causes that trigger anxiety in an individual. Some people develop it after a personal setback or accident in some case, being separated from a close one or a known place could also start off anxiety. Under confidence and too much stress accelerates anxiety in an individual.

Anxiety and workplace- a direct adverse relationship

It is a fact that a person suffering from anxiety disorder won’t be able to concentrate on any task at hand. This causes serious concern at a work place where one has to maintain a balanced demeanor and positive outlook towards everything. Anxiety issues are going to make a person under confident and affect his or her performance. It also tends to make people lose their focus and become cranky. Thus work place environment is going to get disturbed as well.

Long term sick leave causing anxiety

For regular office goers taking a long term leave (paid or unpaid) often causes anxiety. This could be of different types. Some people worry about whether or not they can again perform at the level they used to, while some worry about changes in day work place they might have to face. Some are apprehensive of working under a new superior or team. Increased competition and financial issues are also responsible. Reliable studies have been made to show that each of us, at some point in our lives face one form or other of anxiety issues. It is more likely for people who have taken a long leave to face these problems at work place.

How to balance anxiety and work

Anxiety issues can disrupt your lifestyle, especially your work. There are many causes of this, and treatments and medications can be taken when it becomes chronic. If possible avoiding long breaks and leaves is advisable. Even if you do take them, keeping clam and increasing your focus is required when you join back to stay away from anxiety issues.

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