How Stress Influences Your Relationships

Stress is so common these days that it borders on the edge of being inevitable in everyone’s life. The triggers or causes of stress are many. It can be financial or work related stress. Hard deadlines, intense completion and petty remuneration, work place politics could lead to professional stress. It can also be experienced because of any unsolved physical problem or sickness or simply because one is not being able to reach a long desired goal. It could be due to issues relating to family members, children, spouses or other relationships. Whatever it is, worrying too much over any issue and being under constant pressure is a condition of stress. This causes an individual to lose focus and concentration and become impatient.

Till stress do us apart

Stress is a very unwelcome factor in case of relationships because it is very testing for a person under tremendous stress to manage his or her relationships. Especially this happens with your spouse or partner. The effect is more in these types of relationships because the expectation is high, and when that is not met a person becomes aggressive and abusive. This could adversely affect relationships and in some cases end it as well. There are some recent studies and rease4chs which substantiate this fact.

How exactly stress breaks up relationships

Picture this in your mind: you have had a hard day at office, and have to submit some urgent projects tomorrow. You reach home, hoping to have an early dinner and an effective work session. Instead your partner insists on having a romantic candle lit dinner followed by a long drive. It is not too difficult to imagine how you, or for that matter anyone in your shoes will react. A disagreement followed up by an ugly spat is almost inevitable. It is because you are stressed beyond a certain limit, that you will not take the reasonable route here.

If there was no constant stress then a person would have tried to talk sense, make the other partner realize the prior commitments and set up a date later the week. But stressed people, as already explained lack the patience and tolerance, they are most likely to be irritable. This causes distance in a relationship with people looking for comfort outside the relationship.

Stop stress from getting in the way of your relationships

We all know that relationship skills are very important in current scenario, where impact of external factors on any relationship is high. Instead of getting too much stressed up, you could discuss your problems with your partners. Not only will they put in their perspective of coming out of it, they will also understand you (and your tantrums) better than before. Doing things that you two like, and discussing things help in a more healthy relationship. It is very important to minimize the distance between two people, because stress is more often than not, a great catalyst in increasing it manifold. Getting medical or professional help to fight stress and taking help of relationship counselors is also a good option.

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