Do Healthy Marriages Lead to Healthy Life?

Though it is commonly understood and also found that a troubled marriage spells trouble on the professional as well as health fronts, it is not common knowledge that healthy marriages do mean a healthy life. After continuous research involving numerous people, over quite long period of time, researchers have pointed out that happiness at home indeed equals to good health. At a young age, for couples being happy with each other means enjoying doing things together and having similar sensibilities about issues in life. When either of them feels that they don’t share the same wavelength, that one person in the relationship could start facing health issues. This could be because of depression over unresolved issues.

Keeping the marriage going

For older people, happiness could mean having an amiable atmosphere at home along with achievements like a car, house and good education for children. When they are not able to meet up to each other’s expectations, there could be regular fights and they could start doubting their decision to marry their spouse, or worse, could start thinking about divorce. This could also lead to health problems.

Some researchers also say that healthy marriages have preventive qualities that can keep health issues at bay. Just as higher marital conflict leads to poor health, a happy married life ensures that you maintain good health for a long time in your life. This could be because your spouse cajoles you to exercise regularly, eat sensibly, avoid drinking much, sleep well, keep up with the doctor’s appointment, take medicines on time and even help you get out of bad moods or mood swings.

Support when required

Emotional support from a spouse when you have had a bad day at work can help lift your spirits and produce happiness inducing hormones in your body. You could always be looking forward to meeting your spouse to get rid of your worries after a tough day at work. This also keeps negative feeling at bay and creates a buffer against sickness.

Just having a long married life is not all. There has to be love and support in the marriage. In short, it must be a healthy marriage. A supportive wife can bring positive changes in her husband’s lifestyle which brings better physical health. A supportive husband can make a woman feel secure, promoting mental wellness.

Research has also proven that married people recover faster from severe health issues compared to single people. Men and women in happy and healthy marriages are less likely to give in to habits like smoking, excessive drinking or drugs. They are also less likely to suffer from depression.

It could also be the attributed to the fact that with two incomes, it is not only easier to meet up with day-to-day financial needs but also indulge in more expensive and gratifying activities like vacations and hobbies, which results in sound mental health. Financial stability also equals less mental stress and thus, a healthy life.

Though a single reason cannot be pinpointed, a healthy and happy marriage can surely be considered as a strong reason for good health.

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