Holistic Ways of Handling Children with Anxiety

If you think that adults alone are capable of getting anxious, you are wrong. Even children may get anxious but the reasons may be different. Especially, children in the age group of 13 to 18 are prone to be affected by anxiety issues. But, there are holistic ways to handle children with anxiety.

In general, mental issues that affect children are panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive-disorders and certain phobias. While a few children are affected more, it is common in a number of children to experience anxiety bouts when they begin a new task or activity or when they join a new school.

Some children with anxiety can be treated with traditional therapies such as giving appropriate medicines and also by gradually exposing them to the things they are afraid of. But, not all children will get cured by these traditional methods. That is when holistic methods are adopted by experts. But, there are experts who combine holistic ways with traditional therapies. Experts evaluate the condition of the children and decide what type of strategy they should adopt for treating these children with anxiety. In other words, the treatment process depends upon the condition of the child and a few other important factors.

Strategies like mindfulness meditation, affirmations, biofeedback, methods like changing their diets for controlling and regulating their responses to some of the stimuli that trigger their anxiety, etc. are adopted by holistic experts.

How You Should approach The Problem Of Anxiety In Children

Once you make up your mind for adopting holistic ways for treating your child, you should try to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the various ways like affirmations, mindfulness practices, etc.


Affirmations are nothing but self-talks and the affected children should talk and use soothing phrases to affirm to themselves that they are free from anxiety. The phrasing of the affirmations should be positive and there should not be any negative tinge to them. Experts believe that such positive affirmations can do a world of good by reliving these children of their anxiety. Holistic therapy can be done with the help of a counselor or parents themselves can involve in this treatment. These positive affirmations will boost the confidence of these children, relieve them of their stress and give them courage for facing situations without any anxiety.

Reliving Past Successes

Children with anxiety should be trained to recall the situations when they could achieve successes by overcoming the obstacles they faced. They should be encouraged by emphasizing that when they had succeeded in the past, they can succeed now also.

Positive Affirmations And Social Anxiety

Positive affirmations are very effective for treating children with social anxiety. When such affirmations give them confidence, they can find themselves relieved of their stress. So, they can interact with their peers and others more freely.

Mindfulness Meditation

A full-fledged mindfulness practice may be very difficult for children but this can be suitably modified so as to suit the children with anxiety. This should be handled by experts who are capable of helping these children master this method. Mindfulness practice involves watching the breathing patterns and so, children should be taught as to how to go about this. This strategy will help these children jettison their concerns and worries both about their past and about their present and future.

Children are as capable as adults in practicing this meditation. Once they master this method, they can sleep well and focus more on their studies and other activities. The overall well-being of the children will improve. But, parents should entrust this task to a licensed meditation practitioner.


Biofeedback involves using electrode sensors to treat children with anxiety. These sensors will help experts monitor the stress levels of these children. Children themselves can know how their body reacts to different situations. They can know their varying blood pressure and the changes that happen in their skin temperature and other aspects like brain activity. The therapist will then teach these children how to calm down with the help of breathing techniques. If consistent practice is given, children can learn this technique and know how to control their reactions to stressful situations.


Diets can play a major role in reducing anxiety in children. It has been found that caffeine and excessive sugar can do a great harm to these children. If these children get adequate quantities of the non-essential amino-acid known as gamma-Aminobutyric acid, they can experience a soothing effect.

Parents of children with anxiety themselves can handle some of these holistic ways but, for a few other ways, they should take the help of experts and therapists.

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