Identifying as well as Preventing Teen Depression

Teen depression is treatable but unless parents come to know that their teens have been affected by this problem, they cannot take any action. But, the bitter fact is that not all forms of teen depression can be prevented.

When there are imbalances in the production process of certain brain chemicals, depression may be caused. There can be other factors like environmental and psychological factors also that may contribute to depression. If parents teach their children healthy habits like eating good and nutritious foods and having a regular exercises regimen, they can improve their confidence levels and this may help in preventing teen depression issues.

Symptoms Of Teen Depression

Parents should know the symptoms of teen depression and if they see such symptoms in their teens, they should take immediate action so that major problems can be prevented. Some of the symptoms are prolonged and intense sadness, fatigue, nurturing guilty feelings, lack of concentration, loss of memory, indecisiveness, sleeplessness, excessive sleeping, diminished interest in everything, significant weight loss or gain, etc. In serious cases, the affected teens may have suicidal thoughts also.

Parents should also study the different types of teen depression. If they take timely action, they can make a major difference in the lives of their teens.

What Should Parents Do?

Offering Support And Showing Unconditional Love

If parents work to establish a strong relationship with their teens, they can prevent this problem from getting aggravated.

Positive Relationship

Parents should have a positive relationship with their teens. This means that they should spend sufficient time with these children, talk to them kindly and establish a good rapport with them. They should find out the things that may excite their teens. They should also find out what are the things about which they are worried. These teens should be encouraged to ventilate their feelings. If they do so, that itself will relieve them of the stress they are experiencing.

Be Appreciative

Parents should be appreciative of the achievements their teens make, however small they may be. They should point out to them that they have strengths in various aspects and should make them focus only on their strengths and not on their weaknesses. Whenever they do or talk something, parents should aim to give only positive feed-back. If they spend more time with their teens, that itself will help these young ones combat their teen depression issues confidently.

How To Handle Anger Of Depressed Teens?

There may be occasions when these teens may lose their cool and show their anger. Parents should be patient with them and should reassure them that their love and affection for them will remain for ever. Such unconditional love can certainly change the behaviors of these teens.

Some depressed children may be reluctant to talk but parents should not bully or bulldoze them to make them talk. This may have negative repercussions. Instead of responding aggressively to their moods, parents should calmly spend time with them and show them they care for them more than anything else.

Helping Teens To Make Friends

If young ones with teen depression issues are able to establish friendship with kind friends, that may also help them. So, parents should help them identify such friends so that they can feel connected. These teens can also be encouraged to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities like sports or other hobbies. This will boost their self-esteem and can make them into normal children very soon.

Parents should be careful to avoid early dating in these teens because young ones with teen depression issues may find this highly challenging. They should also make sure that these teens are not exposed to violent contents on the television and other media.

If parents adopt such a positive approach and identify teen depression issues in their young ones at the right time, they can prevent major problems.

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