Easing Teen depression with Physical Fitness

If you are a teen and if you feel sad occasionally, that is perfectly normal. But, if the sadness continues to remain with you for a prolonged period or if it gets intense, it is called teen depression. You need not immediately start worrying about it because there is good news for you. You can certainly tackle this issue and in fact, the power to tackle it is within you. Let us have a look.

There are many steps you can take for easing your depression. One among them is to keep yourself healthy.

How To Keep Yourself Healthy

When you make up your mind to live a healthy lifestyle, that itself is a major step because it has been proved that nutritious foods and regular exercises can help you overcome the problem of teen depression. When you run or do your exercises, your body will secrete what are known as endorphins that can give you a happy feeling. In fact, you can get as much benefits from such physical activities as you get from medications or any other form of therapy.

So, the best advice is that you should get active and partake in sports activities. You can also try individual exercises like riding a bicycle, running, jogging, swimming, etc. Even joining a dance class will also help immensely.

The Advantages Of Healthy Foods

As far as your foods are concerned, you should be choosy because your aim is to have physical fitness that can help you ease your depression. You should not be a glutton nor should you eat whatever that is available. If you do so, you will become sluggish that will make you more depressed and sad. If you ensure to supply adequate doses of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your body, your body and mind will be active. If you are a junk-food eater, you should immediately jettison that habit and switch to a fiber-diet regimen that consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholesome grains, etc.

It is better you talk to the elders and especially to your parents and teachers because they know that you have been affected by teen depression. They will render all help to you for combating your problem head long.

Results Of Studies Conducted

That exercises and physical activities can ease depression has been proved in a British study also. The teens tested showed remarkable improvements in their behaviors. There were significant boosts in their moods. The severity of depression was also reduced by 63%. More than 80% of the teens who stuck to a healthy fitness regimen were feeling remarkably better at the end of the research. In fact, their depression symptoms almost vanished. The best advantage of this physical-fitness approach is that it has no side effects. It rather benefits the affected teens both physically and mentally. Researchers are of the opinion that these findings are a big leap in treating teen depression.

Benefits Of Higher Levels Of Endorphins

The immense benefits of endorphins that are secreted when these teens are involved in physical activities have made these researchers conclude that exercises can help depressed people of any age. Endorphins are brain chemicals and they have strong links with lowering of stress.

So, adolescents who have been affected by teen depression should be suitably motivated to embrace the habit of doing regular exercises.

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