Connection Between Education, Parenting and Marriage

There is a strong belief among many of us that we cannot be trained in parenting. Though this is true to a certain extent, education plays a major role in helping parents deal with their children. The destiny and lives of children rest solely on parents irrespective of the fact whether the parents are educated or not or whether they are single or married.

The problem is that children of today have a lot of exposure that was not available earlier. They come to know of many things through computers, television and many other sources. When children do not understand what they see and come across through these mediums, they seek the help of their parents. If parents are not educated, they will not be able to render any help. Children may then try to explore things on their own and there are chances of this turning out to be a major problem.

Studies conducted in the U.S. have proved that there are strong links between the education of parents, their marital status and their living arrangements with their minor children. These studies reveal that an educated parent, whether married or single, is forearmed with sufficient knowledge and so, is good at child-rearing. The studies also reveal the non-marital births are higher in less educated people. Likewise, divorce rates are also higher in less-educated people.

Advantages Educated Parents Have

Transmission Of Knowledge

Educated parents can transmit knowledge and information to their children.

Appropriate Guidance At The Right Time

Children may need advice and guidance at various stages of their lives and parents can help them suitably.

Adopting New Ideas

Parents need various types of skills for handling their children and education alone will help them grasp and imbibe new ideas and skills.

Stress Reduction

Since education can help parents adopt the right and innovative methods for handling their children, they will not face as much stress as not-so-educated parents face.

Helps In Nurturing Relationship

Right methods adopted will help parents in nurturing a great relationship with their children.
Every child is unique and so, parents cannot adopt a uniform approach for handling children. Only educated parents will be able to understand and adopt the appropriate ways suitable for their children. When children reach the age of going out, they get exposed to the outside world and their exposure to various types of environments may shape or change their behavior. Parental knowledge will be all the more helpful when such changes occur.

What Do Statistics Reveal?

Statistics in the US reveal that the number of single moms is more than the number of single dads. If you look at the education of these single parents, nearly 30% of single moms do not have a college degree whereas about 7% of single dads have not obtained a college degree. These statistics prove to a certain extent that divorce rates are higher in less educated people. So, it can justifiably be construed that they may lack in proper parenting skills also.

Obedience Training And Proper Communication

Though parenting involves many things, giving obedience training to children is very important. But, this process should begin quite early. Delaying the process may make things difficult. The process involves teaching children that it is wrong to disobey willfully. Educated parents who have acquired sufficient knowledge about parenting will be able to handle the process diligently. These parents will be able to handle even objectionable behaviors or traits of children also. These processes may need proper communication with the children. Educated parents with the knowledge they have acquired will be able to communicate suitably with their children, which is the right way of parenting.

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