Cultivating Gratitude in Your Relationships

It is not a denying fact that nurturing relationship is essential to ensure it lasts till your life. Failing to do so can result in spoiling and breaking of your relationship. Often lovable relationships last for a short time. Still, there are folks who enjoy a life long relationship. How? The primary reason why these individuals are able to sustain their relationship is they cultivate gratitude in their relationship which goes a long way in strengthening their relationship. If you wish to develop a healthy and long lasting relationship, follow these habits to cultivate gratitude in relationships.

Keep a gratitude journal

Fostering gratitude starts with jotting down the names of people whom you wish to express your gratitude. The best way to do this is to maintain a gratitude journal. Make sure to use the journal on a daily basis. This will remind you about writing gratefulness about folks who have helped you out. It is common to forget important things when you are busy. Luckily, you can avoid such a scenario by maintaining a writing material. In this way, you will be able to remember folks whom you owe gratitude.

Use the right words

It is rightly said that pen is mightier than sword. The same holds true in all spheres of life including relationships. Words can make or mar relationships. So be sure to use right words while expressing gratefulness. If used properly, you will promote a healthy relationship with your associates and loved ones for a life time. On the other hand, words can spoil your relationship when used wrongly.

Write thank you letters

If someone helped you with a particular matter, do not forget to thank them. However, verbal thanks are not enough; it is advisable to write a thank you letter. This will let the person know that you are definitely thankful to the person for helping you. Besides thanking the person for his help, a kind letter plays a vital role in bridging a long lasting relationship for years. Even small help needs to be thanked by sending a letter. So make sure you take time to send thank you letters for any small help received from people.

Give back

It is innate for us to give back what we receive. For instance, if someone sends a gift, we respond by sending him gifts on particular occasions. These presents and gifts bridge relationships and strengthens your ties with your loved ones and associates. However, giving back is not limited to gifts and presents. You can give back in terms of help as well. For example, if somebody helped you with your work, you can respond positively by helping him with his work or personal life. Such a gesture will nurture a long term relationship.

Closing words

Thus, cultivating gratitude is a healthy way to strengthen your relationships in any walks of life. Without developing and expressing a feeling of gratitude, you won’t be able to foster your relationship. So make sure you harness good habits, and express thanks and gratefulness whenever you get a chance to do so. Follow these above mentioned tips and ensure long lasting and faithful relationships with your friends and loved ones.

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