4 Common Habits That Spoil Relationships

In the modern world, people are out of time for anything including relationships. Not dedicating enough time to your partner can result in ruining your relationship. In addition to this, there are many reasons and habits that spoil relationships. Some of the common habits that spoil any relationship are as follows.

Getting overly lovely

It is a good indication when you are texting your partner occasionally with words like, “I love you”, “I care for you” and similar romantic messages. However, texting too much constantly will make your loved ones squirm, and can be detrimental to your relationship as well. All that lovely-dovey may sound great initially, but overdoing makes the gestures less special to your partner. As a result, you tend to think that your partner no longer loves you or appreciates your gestures. Such a mindset eventually opens up doors for ruining your relationship.


Whether you are overspending on your clothes or spending lavishly in clubs and casinos, these bad habits can result in taking your relationship to a down level. Often the ones who are contributing to the bread and butter needs of their family develop a feeling that they toil hard to earn and their partner is overspending on particular habits. Over a period of time, the feeling gets too much occupied in the mindset and can be the root cause of ruining the relationship, even if a small quarrel breaks out. Luckily, you can get away with this cumbersome situation by checking your spending habits.

Forgetting your friends

Often people do not give time to friendships after their marriage. They get too much engrossed in their romantic relationship. However, spending all of your time on your significant other creates a feeling of boredom which could be a recipe for relationship disaster. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid the popping of such a situation by giving adequate time to your friends. This will avoid boredom with your significant other and rejuvenate your relationship. Furthermore, it will allow you to harness long lasting relationship with your partner.

Bad mouthing your partner

The negative attitude that “women can’t do anything”, or “all men are same” does a good job in ruining your loving relationship. Often times both men and women are guilty of tarnishing their partners with irrelevant words. In the process, they fail to realize that they are putting a big dent in their relationship. With the passage of time, the dent gets wider with persistent bad mouthing, which in turn subsequently ends in spoiling your relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to stay clear from using any hurting words for your partner to avoid spoiling of relationship.

Closing thoughts

Thus, there are many habits and reasons that have a negative effect on your personal relationship. Bad mouthing, overspending, lack of trust etc are some of the important reasons that ruin your relationships. Hence, it is advisable to do away with those habits in order to avoid your relationships from ending. Instead, cultivate some good habits. Develop trust with your loved ones; give them time and maintain loving and lasting .

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