Fears Related To Relationships

Starting a new relationship with your significant other is a joyous experience. The excitement and passion associated with the relationship brings the couple close to each other. However, many individuals fear of losing their relationship due to one or the other reasons. Such fears get occupied in the minds of these individuals, and they feel uneasy and diffident in handling their relationships. Some of the common fears related to relationships are explained below.

My partner didn’t call me today

Many people are extremely passionate about their significant other. A small thing makes them insecure, and they think their relationship might be in danger. For example, the significant other of a person might have the habit of calling him/her daily. Of course, it means a lot to the other person in relationship. However, there are times when that significant other might have forgotten to call him/her due to his busy schedule or other reasons. This is certainly not a big issue, but the other person may start feeling that the relationship is in danger. Such a feeling of fear gets occupied in the mind, and the individual starts thinking that there is something seriously wrong with the relationship. However, that’s not the fact. In such a situation, it is advisable to communicate with the significant other politely and asking him about his health and whereabouts.

Fear of abandonment

Many individuals, especially women fear that their significant other may abandon their relationship if anything goes wrong. They think that even a small trifle can break their loving relationship. As a result, they act faithfully out of fear to their significant other at all the time. While there is nothing wrong in being faithful to your spouse, but doing so out of fear is certainly not a good move. It is important to remember that relationships don’t break out at once. A number of blunders might be the reason for the end of the relationship. Even in complicated scenarios, there are ways to survive your relationship. Therefore, getting rid of the fear of abandonment is imperative to enjoy a loving and lasting relationship.


Most individuals who are newly married are very possessive about their spouse. While this is a good habit, but often such a habit can develop a feeling of insecurity. For example, if the husband communicates with his secretary or other office lady humorously, the wife may fear that her relationship with her husband is at stake. However, all such fears are mere myths. You need to trust your spouse; without trust you won’t enjoy a long lasting relationship.

Final words

Nurturing your relationship warrants responsibility and confidence. However, many folks act differently on fears of losing their relationship due to the fear of abandonment, insecurity and lack of trust. Luckily, you can get rid of such fears by acting diligently and exercising wisdom. Use your prudence and take necessary steps to get away with those fears that give you insecure feelings about your relationships. Folks who act confidently and take appropriate steps enjoy a life long relationship. On the other hand, folks who wind up losing their relationships are often those that act abnormally due to fears of losing their relationship.

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