Are Your relationships Suffering Because of Your Anxieties

If you have been affected by anxiety disorder, the problem may become all-pervasive because it is capable of affecting all the aspects of your life. It may more particularly lead to unhealthy behavior and therefore, relationships may suffer due to this disorder. This means that there may be consequences that may be more invasive than you imagine.

How anxieties affect relationships


If you have been affected by anxieties, you may yearn more from relationships. You may also expect constant reassurances that all is well with your relationships. These expectations may cause unnecessary strains in the relationships you have with everyone. The only way to avoid such issues is to develop your self-confidence so that you can feel self-sufficient.


Anxieties may lead to suspicions which means that you may start having apprehensions if your loved ones really love you or if they are faking. Such a distrust may become a huge obstacle for developing new relationships or strengthening the existing ones. The best suggestion for surmounting such suspicious thoughts is to avoid arriving at conclusions without having concrete evidence for your suspicions. Trusting your intuition or requesting for occasional reassurances may help.

Impulsive behavior

Anxiety may induce you to make rash or impulsive decisions and due to such decisions, you may commit blunders that may prove to be expensive. Some of your impulsive activities may be destructive and many of your conclusions may be ill-considered and without any basis. To combat such behavior, you can practice breathing exercises, yoga, etc. These exercises will relax your thinking process and improve your abilities to analyze things in the proper perspective. So, you may not indulge in any impulsive activities that may cause hardships.

Anxieties may impede intimate relationships

There are certain relationships that need intimacy. But, such an intimacy may not be possible if you have anxiety issues. If you have social anxiety, you may find succor by browsing the internet for fulfilling your socialization needs instead of developing intimate relationships. This may cause distress to your close ones because you are resorting to avoidance behavior. So, personal scrutiny and evaluation of your problem may become a problem too.

Long-term consequences

If you constantly adopt avoidance behavior, you will be jeopardizing relationships. This may have long-term consequences. Especially, the relationship between spouses may be affected severely due to such behavior. When relationship between a husband and his wife is affected, it may lead to separation also. The ultimate sufferers may be their children. The only way to avoid all these serious consequences is to take steps to alleviate your anxiety issues before things go out of control.

Coping Strategies

You can discuss your problems with experts and learn coping strategies so that your relationships remain in tact. But, coping strategies may be difficult to execute.

You should openly discuss your problems with your relatives, close friends and co-workers. This step will enable them to ignore the minor mistakes you may commit due to your problems. Not only that, they will certainly help you overcome your anxieties. If you hide your problems, your distrust may certainly strain your relationship with them.

Experts opine that relationships need to be nurtured constantly. But, if you allow your anxiety issues to grow unabated, you, your relatives and everyone close to you may suffer.

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