5 Reasons Why Self-esteem is Very Important in Teenagers

If you are a teen, you may certainly argue that this stage of your life is one of the most difficult phases because you are trying to develop and grow but, circumstances, your parents and many others think that you are too young to mature. In fact, parents of teens have a lot of responsibility because only at this stage, they should instill self-esteem in their minds. But, this is not as easy as parents think. But, if they succeed in their efforts, they can influence their teens to a great extent and put them on the right track for achieving great feats in their lives.

Reasons why self-esteem is important for teens


Teens will have self-confidence if they have self-esteem. If they do not learn to respect themselves, they may not be confident of accomplishing anything. They may not shine well in their studies and other activities. They have various types of roles or responsibilities and they may not be able to play their part in them. Very importantly, they may not face peer pressure confidently. If they have self-esteem and build their self confidence, they can face all these challenges without any problem.


There can be a lot of stressful situations and issues in a teenager’s life. But, without character, they cannot manage these situations or issues. These situations may arise in their studies, in their other activities or in the after-school jobs they take up. Handling these situations, issues and challenges needs character and hence, as a parent, you should instill self-esteem into your teen’s mind.

Setting goals and achieving them

Teenage is not just about enjoying with friends and whiling away time. It is more about setting goals. Teens will soon be entering adulthood. If they do not have the important ammunition of goals in their arsenal, they will not be successful in their lives. So, they should set goals so that they can start preparing for achieving them. Self-esteem is the only ingredient that can inspire them to set goals because without that, they may not know their own strengths. A lot of research has taken place in this field and it has been amply proved that those who have set goals are more likely to succeed than those who have not.

Morals and values

Teens can easily succumb to temptations and so, only if they know what can be good for them and what causes harm, they can keep themselves away from such unwanted temptations. So, as a parent, you should educate your teens about morals and values. But, without confidence and self-esteem, they cannot stick to these virtues. It is easier to embrace vices than to stick to virtues. Self-esteem gives them the strength to embrace virtues.


If you think that as young people, teens need not expect to have respect, you are wrong. Teens deserve respect also. But, they should earn this respect for which self-esteem is the most important ingredient. Only with self-esteem, they can succeed in the endeavors they take up and when they achieve and succeed, they earn their respect. So, self-esteem is very important in teenagers.

Teenage is a very important phase in a person’s life. It is then they start understanding life and planning their future. Parents can make their lives easier only by instilling self-esteem in them.

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