Connection Between Chocolate and Teen Depression

If you are not in a good mood, you can eat chocolates for lifting your spirit. Many people adopt this strategy for keeping their spirits high. At the same time, there are many people who argue that over-eating of chocolates may cause headaches as well as migraines. Another recent study has revealed that those who eat a lot of chocolates, especially adolescent children, may have get affected by teen depression.

Those who conducted these studies ensured that the people who were tested were not taking antidepressants when they were asked questions. The questions asked mainly revolved around the diet of these people and what they consumed for ensuring their emotional well-being. Results of the researches suggest that there can be strong and possible relationship between chocolate-eating and the moods of these people.

Teen depression can trigger cravings for chocolates

Therefore, these experts have hypothetically concluded that depression may increase cravings for chocolates in people and more particularly, in teens. These experts say that there are no treatment benefit from chocolates but, for unrelated and unknown reasons, teen depression in young people stimulates cravings for chocolates. This means that eating chocolates may causally contribute to enhancement of mood in these people.

Omega-3 fatty acids and how chocolates can hamper its production

Teen depression as well as depression found in adults can be treated by giving them foods that contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Since ingredients like artificial trans-fats that are found in consumer chocolate items nullify the good, bio-chemical effects of chocolate, production of Omega-3 fatty acids is hampered. So, eating of more chocolates may trigger teen depression. So, the connection between chocolate and teen depression seems to be working both ways.

Researchers have not been able to prove the relationship between the moods of people and other diets like caffeine, fat items, carbohydrates, etc. But, their studies suggest specific relationship between the mood of a person and chocolate-eating.

Further research needed

But, these researchers confess that studies are still in a preliminary stage and hence, there is a need for more in-depth studies for categorically establishing that there is a definite connection between chocolate and teen depression. Such in-depth research is necessary because every hypothetical statement made by these experts is being contested by another group of experts.

The available facts at present show that chocolate can have both positive and negative effects on humans and more so, on teens. Though the positive effect is that it helps in enhancing the mood of these people, the negative point is that this effect is purely temporary. Once the effect vanishes, these people may again crave for more chocolates. If they do not eat chocolates, they will again be affected by bouts of teen depression.

Though chocolate bestows many health benefits, it may cause headache, migraine, obesity and heart-burn. It may cause certain emotional problems also. Irritability, anger, depression, confusion, etc. are triggered by chocolates.

How chocolates enhance mood in a person

If you want to know how chocolate contributes to mood enhancement, you must understand that it contains carbohydrates that hasten the entry of tryptophan into the brain. Entry of tryptophan into the brain triggers secretion of serotonin that is capable of enhancing the mood of a person. But, chocolate-eating can become an addiction because of the presence of caffeine, phenylethylamine, magnesium and anandamines in chocolate.

To summarize, there are a lot of contradictory qualities in chocolate that make the task of researchers difficult. So, these researchers are still continuing with their studies for establishing the relationship between teen depression and chocolate.

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