Win Over the World with Your Self-esteem

We know how it feels to fall flat on your face and turn pink in the face. We also know how it feels to fall flat on your face and emerge unabashed and laugh it off. The key, is self-esteem. Grappling with a low self-esteem on a daily basis can get frustrating. Don’t fuss, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t an oncoming train.

The problem with affirmations

Do affirmations really help? Sorry to tell you that they don’t. Endlessly ranting that you’re a winner, in front of a mirror, day in and day out, doesn’t do the trick. While you may buy it at the beginning, you’re likely to start doubting yourself soon, unless you address the root cause.

Addressing the root cause of low self-esteem

A low self-esteem can stem from a number of issues. Trace your thoughts and roll-back in time to understand what makes you feel worthless. Is it criticism? A past incident? Failure? Comparison? Chances are, you’re well aware of it at a subconscious level but you’re scared to see it in the eye. Facing the issue head-on is half the battle won. Once you know what the issue is, ask yourself if there is any truth to it. If there is, without being harsh on yourself, you need to speculate on whether it is something that can be changed or has to be accepted the way it is. If its something that has occurred in the past, make peace with it and learn from it.

Building self-esteem

Go win some battles, if you want to feel like a winner. The bigger the better! It does a million times more than what an affirmation can do. Set yourself goals and make sure that you follow through, no matter how tough it gets. The key is to take responsibility and follow through an action. While the results do count, especially if you end up conquering milestones in the process, it isn’t bad if you don’t either. A low self-esteem often makes us exaggerate our failures and belittle our successes. You need to understand that the courage it has taken for you to attempt and the tools you’ve picked up in the process are priceless, and will aid you in your future endeavors. And the next time you feel like you’re worthless, you have solid proof to believe otherwise. Once you’ve got a taste of victory, both big and small, start being accountable for your life and set goals accordingly.

Stop being a pushover. If someone’s mistreating you or being unfair, don’t shy away, trying to avoid confrontation. Speak up, and be assertive. Surround yourself with positive people and influences that raise your self-esteem. Also, start figuring out your true personality, character and values. The moment you have a clear picture of yourself, strengths and flaws alike, you’ll know what really makes you. No negative Nelly can beat that strong a faith.

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