When Teen Anxiety Leads to Harmful Habits

If you are a teen and are having the problem of anxiety, you may commit several mistakes because of it. These mistakes may worsen your anxiety disorder. Though people do not like to live a life of anxiety, the disorder may trigger harmful habits and behavior. This may make the task of coping up with the disorder more difficult. Let us find out how and when teen anxiety leads to such harmful habits.

Teen anxiety disorder may get stronger without the knowledge of the person who has been affected by it. So, treating and curing this problem can happen only after you learn to avoid the commonest anxiety mistakes. You should also learn how to cope with the disorder. You should keep away from harmful habits also in order to get liberated from the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Harmful Habit # 1: Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the commonest of all the harmful habits that may be triggered by teen anxiety. It is due to the stress that is caused by their anxiety disorder, affected people keep awake. If you allow this to happen, the problem may become worse and may affect you in future.

The problem of sleep deprivation can be surmounted by taking a few steps.

a) Find ways to calm your nerves

You should find out ways to manage your stress. For example, it has been found that boring routines are capable of calming a stressed-out mind. This will help you have a sound sleep. Another way is to write down your thoughts. You will then realize that it is useless to get obsessed over such thoughts. This may help you to have a good sleep.

b) The value of exercises

You should have a good exercises routine. If you make your body tired by doing good exercises, your physical energy levels will come down. So, even if you are stressed out, you may not be able to resist sleep.

c) Never attempt avoiding sleep

Some people purposely avoid sleeping. You should never commit this mistake. If you do so, you may not be able to cope up with your anxiety or stress because sleep is very much essential for managing stress.

Harmful Habit # 2: The danger of using stimulant drugs

There are many stimulant drugs available in the market. Some are legal and many are illegal. Caffeine and tobacco are not illegal but you have illegal drugs also. You may think that these drugs can excite your mind as well as your body. The fact is that they are capable of increasing your anxiety. For example, it has been proved that alcohol makes things worse and you will feel more anxious though it is a depressant. Further, drugs can cause considerable physical stress also.

Harmful Habit # 3: Becoming inactive

Teen anxiety may induce inactivity in the affected, young people. These teens may hate to stir out of their beds. Though sleep deprivation is one of the symptoms of anxiety, they may like to remain aloof. But, they should realize that they need to have a good exercises regimen for treating their anxiety disorder. If they lead a sedentary lifestyle, their anxiety disorder will worsen and their stress will increase. So, you have to do regular exercises and improve your coping ability.

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