Uncommon Signs that Point Towards Teen Depression

Parents should necessarily know about teen depression because chances of teens getting affected by this problem have been increasing in the recent times. There are certain common signs like foul moods, sadness, out-of-character behavior that may indicate that your teens have this problem. But, there are a few uncommon signs also that point towards this problem.

Uncommon signs that indicate depression in your teens

Late-night eating

A few teens who have been affected by depression may forego their eating altogether. At the same time, some depressed teens may develop the habit of late-night eating. They wait till everyone retires for bed and then, start eating junk foods, snacks, etc. surreptitiously so that no one will watch and judge them. Some teens may consume even a whole day’s calories during this late-night eating. Experts say that they do this for sedation or solace. Some of them may eat normally during the day also. Ultimately, these depressed teens may be affected by eating disorders. So, as a parent, you should check if there are any food wrappers, containers, etc. in the trash can. You should also check the inventory of food-items you have stored. It is wrong to take this habit lightly because this may be a symptom to show that your teen has been affected by depression.

Not caring about appearance or dressing

Another not-so-common sign of teen depression is that the affected teens may not care for their appearance at all. Some of them may gain weight but, they may not have any qualms about it. Since they do not worry about their appearance, their dressing sense will also undergo a change for the worse. They will not choose stylish outfits but may settle for basic ones. Even when they purchase clothes, they may buy outfits that may not suit them. Simply put, they may not care about their looks at all.

Compulsive shopping

Children affected by teen depression may become shopping addicts. They may buy unnecessary things that may never be used. The problem is that as a parent, you may not notice this at all. Only if you make it a point to delve deep into their finances or bank balances, you will know that that they are spending a lot on their shopping. It is not that they are enjoying their shopping but they do it as an addiction. This habit perhaps gives them a brief satisfaction. You must also watch if they are getting frequent bills or notices for non-payments.

Drinking habit

Though drinking is not an uncommon sign, parents may fail to notice this habit. Teens who have taken to this habit may try to hide it by retiring for bed earlier and getting up late. This habit may make these children numb to emotions. Therefore, you should keep a close watch on your teens to find out if there are any out-of-character behaviors. You should also check if there is depletion of their bank balances due to this habit.

Eating disorders

Eating disorder is also a common sign of teen depression. But, the root-cause of this disorder may be due to late-night eating or snacking. Another point to remember is that teens may have suffered some disappointments or faced some harsh criticisms that may have triggered this disorder. So, you should delve deep to find out if any such things have happened in their lives.

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