When Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome Turn into Bullies

If your kid is not able to relate to others, it may be a disability that is popularly known as Asperger’s syndrome. In general, adults, teens and children having this disability may not be able to get their messages across to others. They may be talking continuously and not allow others to talk. They cannot understand the feelings and the body language or the gestures of others. In short, it can be construed that those with this disability may have impaired communication.


Not everyone will take such a behavior in their stride. Some people may get instigated and bully them. A lot of research has been taking place on the behavior of kids, teens and adults who have been affected by Asperger’s Syndrome. While the parents of the kids with this disability allege that the bullying kids are at mistake, the parents of the bullying kids complain that the bullied kids instigated this so-called mistreatment.

A number of people are unanimous in saying that the behavior of the teens or children with Asperger’s Syndrome is disruptive and they goad their peers and instigate them to such an extent that their peers begin bullying or lashing out at them. There are many instances in which the bullying kids apologize once they come to know that the teens they have bullied have this disability. We also have people who opine that these kids do not deserve an apology and those who tender apology are doing so magnanimously and as a societal compromise.

Parents of the teens having the disability of Asperger’s Syndrome should consider various options for educating the children. Especially, If the behavioral problems of these children are very severe, they may be bullied often by other children. Perhaps, their behavioral problems may be because they are not happy about the fact that their peers are normal. But, parents of children with this disability may argue that others should compromise and treat them appropriately. At the same time, there are others who think that the kids with this disability are only responsible because they are the people who are instigating bullying.

How to handle teens with this disability when they turn into bullies

Parents should seek the help of therapists for imparting interpersonal skills in teens who have been affected by Asperger’s syndrome. The intention is to help these teens to relate normally with others. It is also for making them establish good relationships with their peer groups and with those other than the members of their families.

Specialty schools

There are specialty schools also for helping children with Asperger’s syndrome to get used to the general ambiance that prevails in schools. These specialty schools design individualized and tailor-made programs for helping children with specific difficulties. Individualized programs may immensely help these children because they may not be able to concentrate on subjects in which they do not have interest. Specialty schools design suitable curriculum for these teens without compromising on the quality of the coursework.

Positive attitude

These schools employ counseling experts for imparting positive attitude in these teens. Such an attitude will help in improving the inter-personal skills of students with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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