What Prevents Healthy Marriages

When you get married, you do so for living with your spouse till the end of your life. At the time of marriage, no one will imagine or think about a split or a break-up in the relationship. But, the reality is different. Not all marriages turn out to be healthy marriages because more than 40% of these relationships fail and the couples split due to various reasons.

Like dating deal-breakers, there are marriage deal-breakers also. But, every split is unique and there may be vast differences in the reasons for the splits. For example, debts may be a a reason in a particular marriage break-up and in some other splits, there may be some other reason. Let us look at some of the deal-breakers that may cause splits in marriages.

Things that negatively affect marriages


If one of the spouses has taken to the habit of excessive drinking, it may not only spoil the health of the person but may cripple the finances of the family also. There are several families that have accumulated huge debts due to this highly harmful and dreadful habit. Therefore, this is one of the major marriage deal breakers which prevents healthy marriages.


This habit can also be highly harmful to the health of the smoker. So, if a spouse smokes profusely, it has the potential to break the marriage. The health of the other partner may also get spoiled due to passive smoking.


Gambling is dangerous and it can become an addiction. There are many families the finances of which have crumbled because of this habit. The spouse of the person who has taken to this habit will face extreme hardships and so, healthy marriages can soon turn out to be big failures if one of the partners takes to this habit.

Extravagance and overspending

This habit also has the potential to cripple the finances of a family. Both the husband and the wife should behave responsibly and should have concrete plans for their future. Otherwise, they cannot have children and cannot provide them with all the comforts they need. The couples cannot even lead a peaceful life because debts may mount due to this habit. Families with huge debts will lose reputation and respect in the society. So, chances of a break-up in the marriages are high if one of the partners has the habit of overspending.


You can find “Calpurnias’ only in fictions and imaginary stories. Nowadays, almost all the males and females have the habit of flirting. But, if flirting crosses the limits and if one of the spouses cheats the other partner, it may end up in separation. In certain cases, cheating may be tolerated but if it is repeated, split is certain.


Physical as well as mental abuse will not be tolerated beyond a certain point and so, they may result in failed marriages. In relationships in which the spouses abuse the other partners, love between them may be absent and so, they may split.

Despite these marriage deal-breakers, if the spouses are willing to mend things, those relationships can be saved and they may once again become healthy marriages. If either or both of them are not willing to save the marriage, then no one can prevent a split.

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