What Makes Panic Disorder a Major Cause of Teen Anxiety

Though panic disorder is a major factor that triggers teen anxiety, it is treatable. Teens who have been affected by this disorder may suddenly have intense fear due to which they may feel discomfort and other symptoms like rapid heart-beat and shortness of breath. Such periods of panic attacks may last for a few minutes and in some teens, they may even last for hours. But, the problem with panic attacks is that they occur without any warning.

What Are The Symptoms Of Panic Attacks?

Intense fear, rapid heart-beat, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, trembling, sense of unreasonableness or unreality, fear of death or losing the mind are some of the symptoms of panic attacks. The number of teens who are being affected by panic disorders and teen anxiety is on the increase. The problems of these teens may have started during their childhood. In the case of some of the teens, there may be family histories of such afflictions.

Why Panic Disorders May Cause Teen Anxiety

Teen disorders should be recognized or diagnosed early so that they can be treated suitably. Otherwise, their consequences may be very bad. The complications may become so serious that they can be devastating for the whole family. The affected teens may not be able to have good relationship with others, their schooling may be affected and even their normal development may get severely hampered.

Effects Of Panic Disorders

If these disorders are allowed to cause teen anxiety, there may be problems with other aspects of their functioning as well as their moods. These teens may always be anxious and if the complications worsen, they may feel anxious even when bouts of panic attacks are not there. They may avoid situations that may cause such attacks. To quote an example, teens with disorders induced by situations in their schools may avoid going to the school. In some extreme cases, the affected teens may not leave their homes at all. Such avoidance of places and situations is known as “agoraphobia” in psychological parlance. Teens who have been seriously affected may suffer from depression and some of these teens may have suicidal tendencies also. A few other teens may start using alcohol, drugs, etc.

Treatment Process

Panic disorders are not easy to diagnose. There may be multiple tests and visits to the doctor and the expenses involved may be quite high. The whole process may be painful also for the affected teens. But, these disorders are treatable and if they are treated properly, consequences like teen anxiety can be avoided.

The first step of the treatment process involves visiting a physician to study the symptoms of the attacks. A psychiatrist arrives on the scene only after the physician studies the symptoms. The psychologist will do a comprehensive evaluation of the problems of the teens.

The treatment process involves medications, educating the teens to manage stress and reduce the impact of conflict-causing factors. Cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques are adopted for teaching the teens new ways for controlling or completely eliminating the effects of their panic attacks. Since these young people may generally respond well to the treatments, parents need not worry if they will develop the problems of teen anxiety or depression.

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