Tinder’ App Affecting Self-esteem in Girls

Girls today are swayed by everything current and hip. In wanting to keep up with societal and popular social demands, several teenagers have fallen victim to unwarranted use, in their attempts to be emotionally and romantically accepted by suitable partners.

Suffice to say, this bending to suit the ways of all things popular, has left several adolescent girls with unhealthy self-images and negative . Studies conducted by experts in the field of sociology and psychology show how numerous girls turn depressive and near suicidal when their romantic relationships take a turn for the worse.

As expectations from boys center more around the physical with little invested in developing emotional bonds, girls often find themselves in difficult positions. Often break-ups in tweens and teenage girls leave them emotionally battered and physically demeaned, clearly not the best for their self-esteem.

Price of popularity

The increasing popularity of individuals meeting for general hookups rather than investing in friendships or relationships has infiltrated pre-teen and teenage community like a dangerous wildfire. Hookup apps the likes of Tinder, are positively detrimental to emotional and physical self-esteem in adults and teenagers alike.

Tinder not for the tender of heart

Tinder, a prominent dating app, allows people to rate their potential love interests on a scale of 10 in terms of physical appeal. Casual dating apps like Tinder, clearly for adults seeking viable partners, are all the rage with teenagers as well. Recent surveys have shown that over 7% of users on Tinder are between the ages of 13 and 17. This in turn adds tremendous pressures on girls looking to be accepted by their peers and friends alike.

The importance of self-validation

Key to improving self-esteem in every person, especially in pre-teen girls, self-validation is important to development of character and personality. Girls secure and sure of themselves will not fall easy prey to popular whims and fancies. Without the need to seek and find approval in others, girls who have a sense of worth will stand up for their beliefs and resist being taken advantage of either emotionally or physically.

Prioritize education of self

Girls have begun to build their identities on falsities projected by media and commercialism. Instead spending time discovering self, attention has shifted to identifying with popular celebrities and their lifestyle habits.

Diverting mind to developing hobbies and interests in things other than romance will work wonders for the self-esteem of young teenage girls.

Focus on building friendships

The beauty of having a friend you can rely and depend on is slowly losing its charm within teenage circles. The presence of healthy, emotionally sound, and balanced relationships are crucial to the emotional growth and maturity of adolescent girls. Learning to be friends with a romantic interest before getting physical will maintain positive mental and emotional self-image and esteem.

Crucial to holistic and wholesome growth in teenagers, reinforcement of self-esteem in teenagers is necessary in many ways. However difficult it may seem, approach your child and let them know the vulnerabilities involved with using dating platforms such as Tinder, and the repercussions thereof.

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