Social Media Affects Self-esteem in Women

Women have been highly active participants in online media portals since the inception of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. A great space to share views and ideas with friends and family, women have been known to be more attached and committed to their virtual social lives than men.

However recent studies show that more than 50% women social media users have begun to depreciate themselves in value and confidence over time. Social media websites have slowly begun to have a negative impact on the psyche and faith most women have in themselves.

Social media platforms can backfire if taken too seriously

Social media delivers a virtual sense of belonging within a social group, interactions on social media platforms aren’t structured on real life interactions. This makes it easy for people, especially women to get carried away with online relationships, by giving them far more importance than required.

The ability to check and compare lives of friends and colleagues leaves several women feeling lucked out and at the lower end of the stick. This not only reinforces self-assumed bad impressions and negative outlooks in life, but also does little or nothing for personal self-esteem.

Social media fuels needs

Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are widely acclaimed as gossip platforms. A majority of women tend to get involved with the gossip and thrill of entertaining life lived by others, especially if their own lives lack a sense of contentment and excitement.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. add to common jealousies found in relationships as private information is shared on public platform. Consequently personal energy is spent ludicrous enterprises that feed insecurities and falsehoods in both parties; leading to nothing but a loss of self-esteem and worth.

Virtual reality has real world effects

Working on networking sites like Facebook and twitter can have severely adverse effects in your real life. Keeping busty maintaining relationships on a regular basis online, most of the time will eventually lead situations that hinder your self-esteem. Being addicted to updates and feeds on your social page can lead to poor health, unnecessary stresses, a negative outlook on life and several other unnecessary issues.

Social media effects state of mind

More often than not, women who spend long hours connected to virtual social media websites develop body image disorders, a definite no-no for self-esteem. Recent studies have shown links to women addicted to social media networks and eating disorders. Since women are conscious of their body image, being in close comparison to the lives and times of several other women within similar social circles only leads to developing image shape and weight concerns.

Living in cyberspace can hamper character development

Time spent on Facebook and twitter continually can create gaps when communicating in person. With a majority of people now constantly logged into social media platforms, human interaction on a personal and psychological level is beginning to suffer, thus impacting self-esteem in a more widespread manner. Studies conducted by psychologists in Australia show how progressive use of Facebook creates high levels of family loneliness along with the inability to be alone.

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