Ten Tips for Lasting and Healthy Marriages

Many couples try their best to ensure that their marriage is long lasting and full of happiness. But in some cases, it doesn’t happen easily. A lot of effort has to be put to maintain and nurture a marriage. Efforts need to be made by both the parties, the wife and the husband.


The most important characteristic of any healthy relationship is honesty. Both sides should be honest about their actions and mistakes. If a mistake is made, it should be admitted as soon as possible. There is no point in keeping secrets. This helps to build confidence and helps the marriage last longer.

Financial planning

It is imperative to do some long term financial planning. For the marriage to be successful, the couple must have enough financial resources. Who should work, which job, and how much money should be saved, these are all issues that must be planned in advance. Absence of financial planning can be disastrous for any marriage.


It is very important to forgive the mistakes made by the other person. It is very easy to assign blame, but it is very difficult to forgive. Forgiveness strengthens the marriage in the long term because it creates trust.

Outings and activities

It is essential to have shared experiences as a married couple. Therefore the couple should regularly plan outings like picnics or a trip to a cinema for example. This creates bonding and provides long term happiness to the couple. This helps the couple to understand each other better.

Defuse arguments

In case of arguments, it is very important to defuse it through politeness and honesty. It is futile to resort to shouting or blaming. It only makes the situation worse. It is best to be calm, admit mistakes, apologize, and move on. Only then can the marriage be healthy over the long term.

Separate your private and professional life

Many marriages fail because the wife or the husband is a workaholic and rarely spends time with the spouse. This should be avoided. Work is important, but it is secondary to a happy married life. Therefore the wife or husband should limit work to the workplace and ensure that quality time is spent with the spouse.

Give surprises

Married life can get boring from time to time. To break the monotony, some presents or surprises should be given from time to time. This can be in the form of a surprise gift or a surprise vacation. This should be done from time to time.

Know more about each other

It is important to know as much about your spouse as possible. This includes their past, their interests, hobbies or schooling. This helps to create more empathy and understanding in the marriage and reduces the chances of a breakdown.

Have friends

Being married doesn’t mean that you should be out of touch with your close friends. You should invite them to your place from time to time. This helps you understand the point of view of others and makes you see things in context.

Respect privacy

It is very important to respect the privacy of the other person, especially in marriages. This can improve the self esteem and help to keep the marriage stable.

These were the ten tips for a healthy and lasting marriage. Many of these pieces of advice are known to be very effective and have saved many marriages. They are time tested pieces of wisdom.

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