4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem

Self esteem is the term used in the field of psychology for denoting the overall emotional evaluation of an individual of his/her own worth. In other words, it can be pointed out as the judgement an individual has about himself or herself. It includes a belief in oneself like ‘I am worthy and I am competent’ and emotions like a disgrace, delight, misery and achievement. If you are disturbed with the wrong thoughts about yourself, it will affect your self esteem. Here are the four ways to improve it:

1. Usage of Willpower

It is true that at times, most of us get negative feelings about ourselves. But, we should not make the negative feeling to develop. It is the time to force yourself to be better and to feel better and you should push through the minus the thoughts that you have about yourself. But, this method cannot be effective for all. This is because only a few people have the willpower to overcome this type of thought. Even though, this method will not cost anything for you, it requires tremendous efforts.

2. Affirmations

When you say or read some positive things about yourself like ‘I am smart enough to do good things’, you can develop your self esteem. This is what is called as affirmations. When it comes to the working of this method, it has mixed results among people. Some people following this method were able to experience the changes in themselves, but others seem to continue with their own behaviors and thoughts and this is because of the subconscious emotions and thoughts. For making sure that affirmations can work, it is better to teach your subconscious mind about the positive things about yourself. But, this technique will take several weeks or months together to get the intended result.

3. Auto Suggestions

This is another technique to develop self esteem. These are nothing, but a series of affirmations that are strung together. There are generally post-hypnotic anchors or symbols to jog your memory about the auto-suggestions. If you procure a self-hypnosis CD, you will find that there will be auto-suggestions that will be helpful for people some types of habits like quitting of the habit of smoking, drinking, etc. When talking about the effectiveness of this technique, it also differs from one individual to another. For instance, people smoking a pack of cigars per day, will find it difficult to succeed under this method as compared to people using two or three cigars per day.

4. Hypnotherapy

Even though, this is pointed out as the last method to develop self esteem, it can bring about better and faster results as compared to the other three methods. When you can get the help of a professional hypnotherapist, you can identify the thoughts that are holding you back and these thoughts can be replaced with new thoughts thereby bringing about an improvement in your behaviors. Depending on the level of negative thoughts, it will take just two or three sittings to make yourself fresh with new and positive thoughts.

So, take steps to develop your positive thoughts about yourself and it will automatically develop your self esteem.

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